How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The minimum wage policy is a controversial issue. Even the most liberal social groups in the United States oppose raising the minimum wage. The science and politics of this problem can be polarizing. Therefore, the many experts have a differing point of view on the issue.

The topic of the minimum wage is scientific in nature. It does not exclude the possibility of diverging from the generally accepted opinion. The issue deserves greater attention than merely the absence of the topic.

If you want to write a persuasive essay on raising minimum wage, it is better to start with the facts that are known to everyone. Then you will be able to make a real breakthrough, get the new audience prepared for the next part of the article.

What are the arguments of the proponents of raising the minimum wage?

It is quite possible that the given issue is rather complex and requires analysis. Furthermore, the topic is quite wide, allowing any interpretation of the given question in the essay.

In the paper, we will analyze the arguments of opponents of raising the minimum wage, and show how they can be reasoned. We will also mention the consequences of raising the minimum wage and examine the opportunities that it provides for certain groups of workers. The argumentation line may be based on the structure of the sentence, the meaning of the comparison, influence on the perception of the issue by the reader, his attitude to the given argumentation, his understanding of the term.

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Let us give an example in the second part of our article. Recognition of a Program for American employers is one of the goals of the government to create a new elite of employees. This elite will be created in time and will certainly work on the development of the new workers. But this process will never be linear and positive. It is necessary to constantly trace and maintain positive trends. In the argumentation of increasing minimum wage essay, it is important to note that some of the users of the newly created elite will have a hard time even with this goal. The fact is that the society is rather heterogeneous in different parts of the population, and the rising of the minimum wage means the displacement of workers who cannot be properly employed.

Let us give an example in the affirmative essay on minimum wage. The interviewer says that, in comparison with the existing income, the lower class of workers will be able to earn more money. But this is not true. For different people, the definition of the minimum wage may be different. But usually, the minimum amount of money is equal for a married couple with children. Using the same criteria for counting the amount of income, the ruler can say that the minimum wage amounts to the amount of money earned by all members in the household. But this is not the case.

The concentration of the population in the lower class is characteristic for the rule of the older generations. As a rule, the educated and social-skilled people have a lower status than the lower class. At the same time, the attitudes of officials and the way they act are different.

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The expansion of the lower class is a consequence of the impact of the industrial revolution and the processes associated with it. Thus, in the process of normal economic development, the number of people employed in industry is growing. The result of the contractions is the growth of a combined labor force comprised of the educated and low-skilled workers.

There are many aspects of the population dynamics which should be described in essays on population crisis. In addition, the role of gender is significant. It is the marker of the relation between the size of the population and the level of its development.

From the point of view of the end of the last century, the population of the world is getting older. The average age of the oldest citizens is 64 years, and the youngest one is only 14 years old. These figures are different from the pre-industrial age, which is 57 years old. The gap between the ages is great.

There is a tendency for the growth of a gap in the wages of the middle class and the lower class. As a result, the wages of the middle class are often higher than the salaries of the lowest class.

There are many factors that contribute to the population growth. Low-skilled work continues to be the main target for recruitment. Employers prefer specialists with higher education. So, in addition to earning the living, all members of the working population should have sufficient knowledge and skills to effectively perform their work.

Feature of the population is the determination of its norms of behavior. In accordance with these norms, a person is considered free.

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However, there are very few freedoms. Of course, the main thing that any person is free of is death penalty, persecution, forced eviction, or restriction of citizenship. And no one is protected from these aspects.

Despite the fact that many people are tolerant of the non-working hours, this phenomenon brings no particular legal benefit.