How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The relevance of the minimum wage essays is connected with the fact that the issue of this issue was forcefully and completely resolved in the United States of America and in France. During the first government document in the world, it was formulated and widely used in practice only in the northeast of the country. From the very beginning, it was clearly stated in the United States that there is no approximate limit to the level of the minimum wage which is established in the country. The federal law ‘amounts of earnings and consumption benefits for the minimum wage as well as other laws and social institutions must be faithfully implemented. The very existence of the minimum wage allows the government to firmly and effectively fight against bribery that affects the overall economic life in the country.

However, no matter the size and the authority of the problem, examination of the negative arguments and facts in the essay on minimum wage is associated with the activity of other opponents of the ruling elite. From the viewpoint of the first bureaucracies, it is impossible to defend the relevant and credible evidence because of their collusion, involvement in the distribution of beneficiaries and other illegalities.

An important source of information for the essays on minimum wage is the corpus of public opinion which contains the information on the opinions of citizens, and which are subject to scientific research.

About half of the Americans (subject of the study) believe that the minimum wage should not be raised. The judgment is quite obvious: for some reason, the rising the minimum wage in the US to the highest level is necessary to ensure a certain leveling of the results of public spending. Otherwise, the business and the public could not face the problem of pricing in the labor market.

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The results of the survey are quite consistent with the opinions of the regular users of the poll. The results of respondents who face it most are those that support increasing the minimum wage do not support this idea.

Among all other Americans, the majority believe that the minimum wage should not be raised. The results of the survey on employment and the outcome of the act are fully consistent with these opinions. Even though, a part of one of the participants believes that higher salaries would lead to people being able to spend more money on products and services.

Among the politicians, there are not only rationalists but also social activists. They work effectively because they are well aware of the public’s concern about the problem of income inequality and are able to influence the opinions of people.

The most active of these are the statisticians who are well aware of the issue and write distinguished research papers on income inequality. In particular, this is the work of Robert M. Kaplan, Ph.D. candidate who devoted a lot of time to this research. The book, entitled “The Real Story of My Supermarket”, which is expected to explain the history of the problem of income inequality in the United States, makes it possible to conduct a comprehensive research on this issue and to get a picture of the problem of our time. The problem of income inequality is especially acute for the young families of teenagers. The reaction to the changes in the value system of the young families is completely opposite, raising the child poverty, dropping out of the educational system, socializing, and decreasing the number of self-respect in the family. So, writing the wealth inequality essay, you should mention the words of J. Madison, who are often considered as the founders of the Declaration of Independence. The text of the Declaration reads like this: “Government minimum for taxpayers”. The implication of this idea is quite obvious: the absence of the requirement for securing the liberties of the individual and the absence of any responsibility for the results of the democratic struggle. So, this idea was spread by one of the first liberals, and most likely, echoed by the ones to come.

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The next stage in the development of the idea of human rights was the revolution in the fortunes of the middle class, which gained force on the background of the economic collapse of the old feudal system in Europe. The immediate goal of the revolt was the establishment of free competition the ideal model for the new life.

Unfortunately, the, however, was not able to achieve this goal, although the struggle for the elimination of feudal privileges and privileges was led by the dynamic and brutal exploitation of the masses, which actually threatened to break the foundations of the social state, to free themselves, and to achieve economic equality.

The wide access to the internet, the free flow of thought, the unlimited potential of “virtual” culture, the lack of any traditionally regulated “publicity”, lack of any economic tradition made the creation of the first social institutions after the French Revolution. These were the times of the “free flow of thought”, the interchange of experiences. The bug was how it was able to penetrate the masses.