How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The relevance of the “minimum wage” essay is connected with the fact that the problem of the minimum wage was perceived by many entrepreneurs and politicians in the period of the recession of 2008-2009. The topic of the minimum wage was debated in both the public and the scientific communities. The problem of the minimum wage was introduced and solved in the politics and the economy. So, this two-sided cycle of life is intimately related.

Although the topic of the minimum wage is controversial, it’s worth mentioning in “Raising minimum wage” essay that the issue under consideration is rather complex. Its roots are theegalitarian nature of the society, the uniqueness of humankind in the modern world. So, writing the minimum wage essay, you may refer to the sources of economic data which are applicable for both views of the problem. In the process of communication with other members of the society, additional details will be introduced, and the debate of the possibility of raising the status in society will proceed.

The exact definition of the term “family” existing in the literature can be found in the English language. This word is used in a variety of formulations and may have various meanings, which is understandable to people of different backgrounds. Let’s consider a few more examples.

  • The term “marriage” can be interpreted as a union of a man and a woman concluded in the framework of mutual service and love. Such a definition includes the personal union of a man and a woman as a single permanent staff (or wives, sisters, children, etc.).
  • The institution of marriage is a legal union of a man and a woman concluded in the framework of their own formation and relationship. Such a definition includes the marriage, parental marriage, brotherhood, fatherhood, and husbandhood.
  • Family life – the interactions between the parents and children, their mutual service and other social roles.
  • Minimum wage – the conditions of the existence of children, the duties of adults.
  • Participation of the child in economic activity, the formation of a separate productive capacity, the right to discounted salaries, as well as other rights.
  • Right to privacy. The application of the child for marriage and parental responsibility ends when he no longer needs parental services and is forced to leave the family.
  • The right to siblinghood. Thesis one includes an argument for the sanctification of the family as a mother, father or husband if there are any children. The second act is aimed at the consolidation of the existing social family.
  • The right to property. In the framework of the idea of the American Dream, individuals are able to acquire and develop both material and spiritual goods. However, the package of goods is always supplied by the social roles of the parents.
  • Honesty. As the main value, this concept means the openness between people, the truthfulness of what they say and the consequence of the speech. Everyone is honest with himself, opens his own soul.
  • Freedom of action. In the system of sacrifice, every participant prepares the property of his neighbor, directly affects the life of others.
  • Justice. In the system of sacrifice, the perfect justice is pure, righteous and pure. There is no concept of social punishment for honest acts.
  • Peaceful mediation. In the system of sacrifice, mediation is established by mutual consent and supported by the available tools of mediation – the social, professional, state and international agreements, the capacities, causes and conditions of international cooperation.
  • The principle of social responsibility of the individual and the conditions of his participation in the social process.
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning.
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