How to write about money, poverty and homelessness in America?

How to write about money, poverty and homelessness in America?

Currently, the financial and economic indices of the US are underdeveloped. There are many factors leading to the current economic imbalance: the labour supply is becoming more and more expensive, the nature of the population is gradually losing value, social security and benefits for families and the middle class are inadequate.

In these conditions, the middle class is especially exposed to social and economic risks. It is probable that the further slowdown of economic growth will be maintained at least until the middle class itself is able to fight the lower class in the amount of income taxes provided by the upper class. That is why the concerns of the middle class are primarily aimed at changing the attitude of policymakers to their problems.

There is a generally accepted methodology that can be used for both types of topics. In the essay on income inequality, it is necessary to note that the differences between rich and poor groups of the population are very significant. The richest group has the financial resources and opportunities to invest in real estate, liquid assets. The lowest group – the middle class. Quite often the difference between the two groups lies in the facts about their ability to invest in real estate, liquid assets.

In order to write a persuasive speech on income inequality, you will have to understand the differences between these two groups, the reasons for their overlapping in the income inequality field of the society. The following factors are of the great importance: the type of income, the legal status of representatives, social status (in this case, the upper and middle class are not equal), economic, administrative and cultural level.

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The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure. Free channels of upward vertical mobility, clear prospects for social growth based on education and high qualifications should ensure a sufficient level of welfare for the middle class.

It also should be noted in essays on social inequality that, in addition to the above-mentioned facts, in the complex stage of the development of the middle class, its evolution is induced by other mechanisms of social control. Up to a certain point, the middle class actually replaces the elite of society as one of its most important defenders.

In the period of the middle class formation, it does not just constitute a small, but also a very important element of the social structure of society. On the one hand, the social institution is formed: a joint leadership system with a system of checks and balances that ensures social adaptation and ensures the stability of any social system.

But the main check and balance are not easy to achieve, and, therefore, many researchers warn that the middle class can disintegrate, and there is even a danger of its complete disappearance, that is, the disintegration of the capitalist class in the United States.

It might be mentioned in essay on income inequality that, in the history of the United States, there were many cases when the middle class got into a state position and became extremely powerful. Think about it. So, there are often the cases when the middle class actually eliminates the other classes for own pleasure and power. And the life of the poor tends to only be miserable when the minimum of living is below.

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But, in such cases, the reverse happens: the middle class grows, and the lower class is left behind in its development. So, in the trends of economic inequality, the right for the middle class usually takes the position of the “middle class”.

There are often times when the middle class wins the battle for life. The industrial revolution has completely changed the class structure of the United States, and the results of the struggle for equality have led to the existence of a large number of independent millionaires. The number of millionaires among the lower class of the United States is one the highest in the world, and the differences between the elites of the two classes have become enormous.

The number of farmers who received a higher education in the US was growing year in year, and the number of agricultural workers has increased. The number of urban residents has increased in the US. Of course, the number of urban farmers has decreased, but the number of urban farms continues to increase.

In the 50-70s, the real wages of Americans from the lower and middle classes grew more than 1.5 times. In the 1980s, its growth stopped and even slight decrease occurred. In the 90s, the growth resumed at the level of 1-2% per year.

There was a tendency for the growth of a gap in the wages of blue- and white-collar workers. In 1973-2000, the hourly wages declined by almost 20% for blue-collar workers and increased by 10% for white-collar workers.

We hope that this article was useful and you will write a delightful essay on the American Dream. Good luck with the argumentative essay on income inequality.

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