How to write about patriotic feelings?

How to write about patriotic feelings?

Patriotism, which is considered one of the most modern and positive concepts, is partly a victim of the history of the United States. The notion of patriotism belongs to the Bible. And it is above all others. The actualization of patriotism, which is expressed in the phrase “We may know and believe the truth”, means the belief in the possibility of believing in a country and the possibility of believing in a particular religion. This word is used in a variety of formulations and may have various meanings, which causes confusion.

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    The general concept of patriotism is formed by many American politicians and human activists. They take into account the actual fact that the word and even the concept of patriotism have become a part of the vocabulary of some countries in the Western world. In the US, there is a whole industry of film and television. The modern culture is built on the American experience. The very word “happens” means to happen. The word “now” means to happen. The opposite meaning is” means not to take a step towards something, although it has happened, it does not necessarily happen.

    The history of patriotism in the United States is usually counted from the moment when it first appeared. The French Revolution was especially popular in America. The literature on the topic is extremely thin. Most of the facts given in the literature are cases created specifically for this goal, and they are often used by other purposes.

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    For example, the imagery of the founders of the Constitution hangs over the past decades. The topic is much broader, and the thinkers are still arguing about the meaning of various sections of the Constitution, which they consider as following:

  • Article III, as well as part of the fourteenth part of the Constitution.
  • The second part of the Constitution, as a legal and political instrument, was adopted in 1784. It regulated the situation in the country, gave the powers described in it, and made it possible to execute the laws of the federal government, the city councils, and the other authorities having jurisdiction over the situation in their spheres.
  • In the second part of the twentieth century, President A. Jackson was so popular that not only the normal but also the extraordinary standard of living of the lower class of the free white population was almost halved. The share of income from property is lower, and the proportion of social benefits is lower. But the gap in social and economic indicators is significant. In the minds of the vast majority of the citizens, the word and the concept of patriotism can be very different.
  • Regardless of the version of the Constitution which may be considered the most developed in the world, each state has its own set of rules and propertied institutions. Although the federal and state boundaries are always respected, power and authority are not recognized in the independent republic.

    As the US citizens believe, the international order of business and state enterprise are inalienable values. The domestic rules are aimed at achieving the equal distribution of opportunities in the national economy, the elimination of discrimination in the process of commercial activity, the provision of equal opportunities in the social sphere, and the amendment of the existing social order.

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    The principle of universal equality of opportunities is based on the principle of egalitarianism, inclusivity, the absence of any exclusively advantageous opportunities for the entry of the individual into the market, the promotion of the basic rights to the person, the elimination of privileges, excesses, etc.

    The economy needs only one type of citizen – the person of the action. The economical activity brings the personality to the standard and thus creates a society of equal people. In Europe, one of the criteria for identifying a worthy person was the mastering of world knowledge, a high culture. But a person of action should not to know more than is needed for the task.

    In Europe, the standard of the absolute equality of people was based on the high culture which might be described as the basis for the emergence of a national tradition. The wealth of the wealthy alone and the power of the potent mix of poverty, vice, religion, language, sex, age, nationality, and so on.

    In America, the culture of the majority of the population was lower, but the morality of the poor has always been based on the religion of the community.