How to write about patriotism?

How to write about patriotism?

In the modern world, there are many other interesting topics to write about. However, the most important one is to explain why we should and should not use the military to solve the problems in the world. The reason for that is not just the existence of the military, but also the real and proper definition of patriotism.

Conservatism is a set of tendencies that aim to strengthen the existing social and economic status of the weakest participant in the social struggle for the supremacy of the principle of “what doesn’t kill you” as a socio-political institution. In modern America, there are many such types of “problems”. In order to solve them, a person must have a strongly motivated interest in the preservation of freedom, justice and universal peace.

As the famous D. Howe wrote in the novel “An American Tragedy” (whose environment created a passion for money, selfishness, the desire for material prosperity, even through a crime, that is, the desire for the ultimate gain of material well-being without any risks for the person himself. In reality, patriotism is a very practical and rigid concept, which makes many people, even the most noble and kind people, work and think under such an influence.

Many people start looking for the meaning of patriotism due to the misconception of what it means “honor”. Believing that it means the love and passion for the country, the desire for its high-level public services, the possibility of imposing your own version of the culture on others. In such an attitude, people create a false picture of patriotism, which is the result of the action of more general, institutional and political psychological factors, which you should describe in your “What is patriotism” essay.

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The system of patriotism defines a set of values as belonging to the American Dream. This is an independent, fundamental society of the United States of America. They reveal the unseen, not always seen qualities of each and every individual. The complex and voluminous process of the American Dream construction consists of the process of its passage from the ideal model to the standpoint of the common, virtually the only model of America fulfilling its directives and beliefs. So, the definition of patriotism is quite simple yet it has a lot of internal division which should be shown in the essay on American Dream differences and similarities.

Many experts consider the term patriotism to be a part of one coherent group, the United States of America. Yet, there are very few people among the whole world that are aware of the full definition of patriotism. You must, however, pay considerable attention to this detail, because the history of patriotism is often measured by the contrast and comparison of approaches to it.

The Heritage Foundation, the world’s oldest non-profit organization, is involved in providing the services of “programme” for American Dream research. The group’s mission is to create a environment and simulate the actions of patriotic soldiers, workers of the wartime generation, members of the Resistance and executioners of the rebellion. At the same time, the heritage of the United States is one of the most important and historic symbols of mankind. The number of Americans who survived and suffered during the war is 10 million, and the number of survivors of the war is 5 million.

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Even though the number of veterans of the Second World War is a very rich and important data, the history of the issue of patriotism in the United States is usually counted from 8 to 21 million people, including 5 million of immigrants. The actual number of veterans of the Second World War in the US is even higher, since the number of their relatives in the United States is 10 million. According to the US Department of Defense, there are more than 1.5 million veterans of the Second World War in the US, including 200 thousand of immigrants. The US Department of Labor pays $590 million to the Veterans of the Second World War. The employer, Inc. pays $130 million to employees of the Second World War. The average monthly pension of federal and state workers in the US is $ 460 million. Citizens of the other countries of the US, full of the benefits of the Second World War, receive $ 350 million.

Today, the lives of American veterans are compared to the lives of local residents. The normal income and standard of living of a veteran is much higher. The cost of his participation in the social division of labor is much higher. In addition, the traditional benefits, such as the free medical care and education, the freedom of speech, religion, etc. were not adopted in the new, more generous schemes of the American economy. The economic state of many countries of the US was humiliated, and the social and economic gaps between the citizens were sharply increased.