How to write about patriotism

How to write about patriotism

It is no wonder that most of the people do not know how to write about patriotism. Because of this, they are not familiar with the definition of this phenomenon. As a rule, this is a purely emotional state that allows people to say and do many other awesome things. And when looking for the best ways to express this kind of information, you can find lots of interesting ways to do so. And in this article it will be shown how to write essays on patriotism and express your own attitude towards this issue.

This issue is not accidental. Now, in the period of large-scale transformations and constant changes of events, the question of how patriotism is created and maintained in the world is often scandal, being a necessary link in the achievement of the citizen’s social rights.

The history of patriotism is usually defined by three phases:

  • Pre-Revolutionary right, which, nonetheless, was not fully developed in the United States until the middle of the 19th century. The fledgling resistance movement began to gain traction, gaining strength, and at the same time, its potential was already increasing. The occupation of the average citizen was changing in the course of this process. Late class members, as a rule, were skilled workers with a variety of skills. In addition, the number of farmers increased. There were fewer urban farmers, but more seasonal workers remained. The number of immigrants was growing. So, these changes were maintained, despite the fact that the total share of patriotism was not changed. All these trends corresponded to the general attitude towards the United States: the economy and the social sphere of the US was growing. So, this is an example of a “walking bowl” in the United States.
  • The second stage, which should be called the “Great Victory” in the United States, was formed in the second half of the 19th century. It was a society of workers who were able, despite many difficulties, to make the country better. The main goal of this stage was a common, collective aspirations of the American people. The struggle for the living and equal distribution of people was conducted through the system of state regulation of industry and distribution of the national product.
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    The, second stage, which should be called the “Great Britain” in the United States, was formed in the second half of the 19th century. The participants in this conflict resisted all types of discrimination, including religious, political, state-imposed, customary acts.

    Religious circles criticized the new, more developed religion for enforcing the traditional limitations of Christianity. And the same fate waited for the Catholic Church.

    Today, the Church has changed its views: in the future, the faithful Christians will be able to share their faith and act as a society of conscience. Thanks to the activity of the church in the struggle for human rights, the number of people awaiting execution has already reached one hundred thousand.

    Freedom of speech

    The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees journalists immunity even if they use data obtained via violation of the law. The US Supreme Court ruled that they cannot be prosecuted for its publication and do not have to name the source of the information.

    In the American newspapers, there is a post of public editor who is responsible for communication with readers and for maintaining ethics in the published materials. He is not subordinate to the editor-in-chief.

    The search of a representative of the media was authorized by the Ministry of Justice only for exceptional cases and only after prior notice. In 2012, the Congress created a Public Interest Declassification Board.

    At the same time, it should be mentioned in “Democracy and human rights” essay that there are restrictions on freedom of speech. In 2011, the presidential decree created the task force on internal threats to prevent information leaks and enhance monitoring of federal employees.

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    In 2014, two citizens were convicted for a video recording on which they threatened to kill policemen in the form of a rap. The court considered that the First Amendment cannot be applied in such a case.

    In 2016, a report was published by the US Justice Department stating that police officers and judges are biased against African Americans, in particular, they use excessive force during detention, stop and search black drivers more often and more carefully, and only 68% of cases opened by blacks are examined in the court.

    The policeman shot dead a mentally ill young man

    In July 2014, a policeman shot dead a mentally ill young man. The guy was suffering from depression. When the officer saw a stranger in the street and thought “He needs help”, he shot the guy in the stomach. It turned out that the kid’s illness was caused by the incident. The police claimed that the teenager was resistant to medical treatment. But a few days later, a video with the incident was uploaded to the website of the organization protesting against police brutality.