How to write about police brutality

How to write about police brutality

An important sphere of public consciousness is the perception of the relationship between the citizens and the government in its everyday, personally form – the interaction of the individual with the police. The symbol of the brave guardian of order is one of the main objects of ideology. If it is aimed at strengthening the state, a favorable image is fixed. If ideology works to destroy the country, it creates a black myth about the police.

In the United States, a whole industry of film and television was created. This genre is externally simple, designed for mass consumption, deeply developed, and affects many blocks of consciousness. It is much broader than the police concept presumes. Some modern American series about the law enforcement agencies have become the subject of major cultural studies because of their great influence on the thinking and aesthetic attitudes of urban youth from the middle class.

However, people know perfectly well that there were excesses and crimes in the police. The whole system of law and order protection is shown as a single body that operates in accordance with the pure and righteous aspirations. But this image is far from reality, which is proved by many research papers on police brutality.

The problems to discuss in police brutality essays

Examples of unworthy behavior of officers can be discussed without end. They are not a product of personal sadism of concrete policemen but the fruit of the very philosophy of society that generates such problems.

World statistics shows that representatives of different countries of the world were acquainted with harmful laws and that human rights have been developing in the world for a long time. To make your statement more detailed, you can use this data:

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In this regard, it is obvious that it is impossible to accurately determine the progress of the law enforcement agencies in preventing and combating this phenomenon. And still the freedom of speech, religion, and press is protected. So, it may be stated in quality freedom of speech essay that there are no law enforcement agencies that are perfectly capable of combating corruption.

However, no one gives the right to abuse this rights. The police are protected by international legal acts. The laws of defense constitute the most extensive and comprehensive protection of human rights in the world.

Here is an interesting fact for freedom of speech essay: the world’s first printed law on human rights was adopted in England in 1976. It established a presumption of innocence for the police, established the duty to arrest people, even without a judge’s opinion, in order to prevent their unlawful detention.

The limitations of rights and freedoms depend on the specific conditions of existence of a particular nation and are established by each state independently. However, it should be mentioned in Universal Declaration of Human Rights essay that this document sets a number of conditions: restrictions are established solely by law, and the law can be adopted with a view to ensure due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens, meeting the requirements of morality, public order and general welfare in a democratic state.

The uniqueness of the Constitution is also made by the purpose of the law as a social institution. In it, the citizen is given a number of rights: the right to life, liberty, security, adequate food, fair trial, freedom of movement, citizenship, family, property, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, convictions, work, rest and education.

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Structure of the Constitution

The constitution is a legal document, which is considered by the entire world as a basis for the liberty of the individual. It sets forth the principle of human rights and the main statements of the problem of police brutality: the individual and groups are equal. There is no one else.

The word “honesty” means the public’s assertion of truth, the state’s denial of its actuality or its reality. It’s a very important concept. Any attempt of such acceptance can be perceived as hypocrisy.

The word “justice” means the application of the legal means corresponding to the ideals of the American Dream, including freedom of speech, property rights, freedom of speech, etc. The word “honesty” is closely connected with the concept of “justification” – the application of the fruits of the judicial system for the sake of the gains that it allows. The dishonest law of law allows to establish a presumption of guilt without justification. Therefore, in this sense, the American Dream is directed at the elimination of the problem of excessive strengthening of people’s rights, whether it is freedom of speech, press or inquiry.

We hope that the information in this article inspired you to write a quality freedom of speech essay, which will be specifically tailored for the US citizens. The success will be assured if you spend enough effort and opportunity to achieve the most ambitious goals. The essay structure might be dynamic, but the main thing that matters is the approach to the goal, the willingness to use the results of the study.

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The Problem of Police Brutality

American society is rich in various mechanisms that help to ensure human rights: social, legal and government sponsored.