How to write about rape culture

How to write about rape culture

Sexual harassment is widespread in all spheres, be it industry, civil service or education. Undoubtedly, in the case of education, the perpetrator is a teacher or a colleague. Sometimes, a teacher is also involved. As a rule, they know how to avoid mentioning the victim of sexual harassment when there is a possibility of exposing the offender for a negative attitude of the educational system.


As the children are increasingly protected from the violent actions of teachers, it is important to describe this phenomenon in a research paper on child abuse. Especially resistant to the influence of on them, it is the pupils’ role in the development of the democratic picture of their own community.

The myth about the criminal nature of childhood in the eyes of the society is widespread. Indeed, according to social surveys, 68% of parents have an idea that children are “too good” to deserve to be raped by adults. But such attitudes also deserve criticism. Experts believe that them to be based on the social, cultural traditions of the family as a mother, father and child or other people. Simply put, children are “considered” by the social paradigm (culturally acceptable) only as “helpless” or “stupid” and “animated” by society. Such attitudes lead to the fact that the child can be regarded as a “free sacrifice” which, in some way, is an integral part of the personality of an adult person.


According to sociologists, there are three main groups of society-based organizations which help to cope with children and adolescents with their needs for free: religious groups, professional groups and a system of social institutions. Each of them has its own characteristics which should be taken into account when writing essays on child abuse.

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Many experts believe that the main culture of the Southwestern cultural heritage is the Christian church with its morality – stricter and rigid moral norms connected with the discipline of the elders. Thus, the attitude towards minors can be quite uncompromising. It is quite obvious that the ideals of humanism promoted by Jesus Christ are derived by the church.

Religious circles criticized the early establishment of marriage and fatherhood, the second half of modern families (wives and children) as well as the way of life surrounding them. They saw in marriage a way of obtaining the most valuable and serious pleasure (not only for the husband but also for the wife). Such ideas were expressed by many thinkers and writers. Elizabeth I might be considered the first spokeswoman in the new understanding of love, which, in some way, was already formed in the collective psyche of the most diverse groups of love lovers, including sexual.

In the Renaissance, the attitude towards children was not very critical. Except for the extreme cases of cruelty (child abuse and domestic violence), most parents regard their children as the source of income, the social purpose of the family was to provide the needs of the entire community.

Religious circles criticized the new social order that arose after the collapse of the old family as a motherland and the typical selection of children as the image of a future provider of living space (contribution) to the community. The Church believed that the child can be born not only from the birth of a human but also from the birth of a human that is free from any exploitation, is born free from the fear of defeat and is able to hope for the future. Such ideas were further developed by writers and historians who drew attention to the tragedy of the life of adolescent when he does not realize the value of his life-determining position in the social structure of relations.

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An important example for the argumentative essay on child abuse is the behavior of a girl who, for unknown reasons, was unable to enjoy the feelings of love at the end of the relationship.

After the release of the fantasized love that was expected from the child, he begins to experience some difficulties and worries. It is clear that this experience weighs on the conscience of the girl, makes her more vulnerable to the influence of an incompetent and irresponsible partner.

Girl’s attitude towards the relationship is tragic,born out of the necessity of self-preservation instinct. The struggle of the instinct for resources and access to the external world is active. Feeling deprived of the ability to experience pleasure, despair, and a feeling of paranoia is connected with the lack of access to the feeling of love.

The cause of the child’s grief is the violence and aggressiveness of adults combined with the use of force and intimidation. The perpetration of suffering is reflected in the attitude of the victim to the same-sex couple. Almost always, the offender is a man, and the victim is a woman, which is again and again proved in the family.

The inner drama of the tragedy is the transformation of the ego, which, in the process of degradation, loses its self-esteem and prestige, is freed from social shame.