How to write about religion in the modern world?

How to write about religion in the modern world?

Since the reign of Tudors, religious circles criticized the European way of life in the Middle Ages. The high church set out to educate people, and this is what you should write in your argumentative essay on modern family values.

With the establishment of the Tudors, another power began to assert itself. The Christian church decided to pay no less attention to the spiritual life and destiny than to the physical health of each individual. And this is what you should mention in your essay on family relationships. After the Inquisition, Christianity also experienced difficulties in areas of organization. The power of the Christian Church was so strong that, even to the point of civil war, it hindered the creative process. The higher the level of culture in the Renaissance, the more obstacles and obstacles it encountered.

Having found their own way of making money, Rich Linkfin, an American entrepreneur, needed to find a niche in the market of entrepreneurship. The following strategies were used: betting on the idea and not trying to create new products.

  • The so-called “Tuesday fund” was formed. During the next 10 years, it was accumulated. The first coffee purchased on a new market emerged. After a long period of work, the first shares of the fund were paid off. Everybody could profit from this.
  • The next stage in the development of the market was the foundation of the “Club of Rome” – a community of the most powerful entrepreneurs of the world. In 1920, the “Club of Rome” was established in London. At first, it consisted of about 10 influential persons, but by the end of the XX century, it had a financial and economic basis of the British Empire.
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    Among them, you should mention the following: in the mid-1920s, a financial crisis, which arose in the fall of the Berlin Wall, influenced the life of the entire company and most entrepreneurs in the industry. The entrepreneurs of “The Bean” program received a fortune of $ 5 million.

    The program also deserves respect for the workers of the associated organizations. In the 1930s, it was the most important employer in the world. The head of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and the governor of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, subscribed to it. And his personal assistant, Clyde Moody, became the head of the United States of America.

    Mention in the wealth inequality essay that, in the 1930s, the United States of America did not even have a domestic market. The economy was based on the connections of the entrepreneurial class, the sources of consumer goods and services. The middle class invested funds in the real estate and, especially, in infrastructure, social services and education.

    The educated and talented people of the lower strata did not just dominate the middle class. They were an independent social subject. And this is how the society and the state adapted to the change of values.

    The changes in the value system were gradual, but the overall attitude towards the lower class was not, but clearly, clear. The attitude of officials and the upper class to the changes in the value system was, in fact, the same.

    As one can understand from the examples, the transition from the high to the low level of the social stratification of Americans was quite seamless. The lower class and the middle class independently adjusted to the changes in the value system.

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    There is an interesting trend in the demographic science: the insecurity of the population, high social mobility, and social exclusion are all characteristics of the modern. In the future, the lower and middle classes will be able to compete with each other only on terms of strength of their economic position.

    Because of the relatively high turnover of the lower class, the distribution of income was more uneven. As a result, the wages of middle class members were significantly higher than incomes of other elements of the middle class.

    The following changes in the distribution of income were observed: the labor receipts dominate in the structure of the incomes of the middle class. Work activity determines the social status of representatives of this stratum. In the broad sense, the middle class is an independent social subject.

    The financial situation of the middle class is characterized by the rapid growth of both asset and liability claims. The bulk of the household budget consists of benefits which arise due to opportunities of economic activity, demands on the social market and are supported by the conditions of the overall economic struggle.

    The middle class is a very good target for the motivated participation of other elements of the social structure in the formation of the individual identity, the empowerment of self-esteem, and the establishment of social justice.

    In any case, such a status opens up great opportunities for personal self-realization, a process of formation of self-sufficiency, and provides a basis for the establishment of social order.

    In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters.