How to write about same-sex marriage

How to write about same-sex marriage

The recent dialogue about same-sex marriage has been developing for several years. The author of the first comprehensive research paper on LGBT adolescents spoke in favor of strict limitations to same-sex marriages, believing that the existing social practice of marriage is unsuitable for a child. The second place was given to the theory that social “preferential access” (the right to marry and adopt the children) is granted to people regardless of their sexual orientation. According to H. Fisher, “In the modern population, those persons who do not belong to the biological sex, but whose sexual orientation is not deviant or pathological, do not belong to the social category. The concept of “preferential access” means the right to marry and adopt the children, the right to use the family (or adoptive care) as one of the basic social roles. Accounts of the multifaceted and complex emotional process among same-sex couples are inside the closet of many LGBT people. Hidden existence is becoming less and less acceptable. In the gay rights argumentative essay you may note that many of the same-sex marriages are aimed at creating a family as a mother, father, or child as a part of one strong union. The problem of child marriages is especially relevant for the young families of gays and lesbians.

In the study of respondents from the demographic research institute in the United States, 9 out of 10 people had a wife and a husband. These figures indicate the serious problem of the imbalance of gender roles in the family. The hierarchy of family values for a woman includes such factors as the division of labor between husband and wife (not only men), high quality and quantity of household activities, parental responsibility, professional interests, household duties, moral values, and so on. The value of the person for the marriage is intrinsically and fundamentally different for each of the partners.

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The enmity towards a woman is sharply manifested even by the attitudes towards the chosen one. A woman is inclined to impose the role of a “comrade-in-arms” in the family. A man is inclined to impose on her the role of an “honor and a dignity” (in the modern sense of this concept). Further, the behavior of both partners in the family is determined by the situation in which it is directed. That is why the above mentioned facts about family relationships are sufficient for the definition of “family”.

Another important semantic element to which the unification of notions of the concept of “family” attaches is the notion of “family” as a social institution, as a cohesive community of people, existing since the very invention of human society. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

The conceptualization of the family as a “social institution” in the study of marital relations is only the first step towards the formulation of a coherently expressed thought, the development of a logical picture of domestic relations, their implications for social relations. Since the main task of family studies is to emerge valid arguments for the topic of the family as a social institution.

The study of family is associated with the awakening of a number of questions that are important to researchers, and which are independently determinable. One of them is the structure of the family, its genetically heterogeneous nature. Here is a simple example: the institution of the family is a heterogeneous institution, the offspring of the married couple are a heterogeneous group, the genetic attributes of each individual are taken into account in the formulation of family characteristics.

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The number of definitions of the concept “family” existing in the literature can be very different. When a person reads an article on his or her own definition, he or she might have an idea that this concept is very general, and that no one has yet successfully proved the hypothesis of evolution. But this idea is without a doubt. In the family definition essay, it is necessary to describe how dozens of variants of this concept exist, why they are not always accepted by experts and what varies within the framework of accepted definitions.

Essay on family values

The significance of the family has been intensifying for the last century or two decades. The first empirical research was conducted in the USA. At the end of the last century, the anthropologists of Redferns pressed forward the following thesis in a short essay on family relationships: the transformation of the concept of the family, which is described as a culturally constructed institution, into the image of a small social group, primarily a family. The second part of the 1990s was marked by the transformation of the global image of the family, which also may be called a transformation of the family.