How to write about serial killers

How to write about serial killers

One of the main research questions is – what is the mechanism of the emergence of serial killer behavior.

Researchers have been studying the phenomenon of antisocial behavior for a long time. During this period, there were experimental studies of psychosexuals, which, however, were not able to apply the knowledge they gained. In the early 1970s, researchers described three types of inheritance of behavioral characteristics: fixed, socially identified and segregated.

The second type was a multicameral group. A group of people has a common mode of behavior, however, they can be quite different. Social identification does not necessarily have a pronounced ethical orientation. A heterogeneous person can be a pathological narcissist. Accordingly, the concept of “family relationships” can be taken both.

  • Social identity is established by a close communication with others. As a rule, it is an unconditional attachment of the individual to the collective.
  • Individual traits, as well as problems of behavior, are attributable to the group. The genetic basis of this identification is the fact that, among the most effective methods of adjustment, the institution of the family is one of the most important. The social and professional selection of the family is recognized as the most important condition for the achievement of the citizen’s goals in society.
  • Nowadays, children and adolescents are one of the most unprotected categories of society. They are more exposed to stress and are often subjected to pressure from the outside. To protect the image of youth, the number of adolescents with deviant behavior is increasing. However, the consequences of this problem are clearly seen: the departure of the individual and the emergence of a family, especially for children.

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    The situation is aggravated by the fact that the institution of the family does not exist in the cultural context. The value of family is recognized only as a result of the efforts of numerous generations and personalities. The importance of kinship values is chiefly due to the historical and social reasons that have led to the emergence of the modern family as a mother, father, children, and so on.

    The importance of professional leadership is also due to the transformation of the ideal of family values. The transformation of the ideal of family is manifested, in particular, the sacrifice of the father as a sacrifice for the sake of the child’s development. The child does not accept the role of parents, as the modern family faces. The image of parenting is greatly simplified and reduced with the transfer of personal responsibility for the upbringing of a young family to the husband.

    The essence of modern family, which may be expressed in an analysis of modern family essay as well as in any other essay of family values:

  • The transformation of the ideal of family, which, in the process of its creation, passes through the family. Its function is to create a stable, healthy family that is based on a system of trust and respect for the interests of the family as a whole.
  • The principle of kinship responsibility is used to ensure that the obligations undertaken by the spouses are performed. The reproduction of the family is promoted by the high degree of family happiness which can be assured in this way.
  • The purpose of the household as a social institution is to provide a way of accommodating the everyday needs of its members. The main goal of the household is to take care of the basic needs of the family, which can be achieved through the activities of the husband and wife. They can and should act as a couple’s surrogate parents, doctors, social workers, teachers, etc.
  • The role of the family as a social institution is to perform a variety of functions, among which the family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by common interests. Since the society consists of people, the division of domestic work among them is based on the cultural tradition. The husband and wife communicate “from above”, each performs their own duties independently, without any external influence.
  • The transformation of the family, its members, offspring and the like, is accomplished by the male part of the couple. Typically, the behavior of men is associated with a lack of desire to have own offsprings. Women, as a rule, do not seek the permanent relationship. The transformation of male and female behavior is influenced by the patriarchal system of values.
  • The high divorce rate due to the high heterogeneity of the family. The desire of the spouses to divide their own work among other people is prominent.
  • As a rule, the family has a high level of social organization. All kinds of conflicts, conflicts whatsoever, arise in the family. The aura of racism, exploitation, rudeness is formed in the hearts of the participants. The family acts as a cultural community pulling the members closer to each other, thus demonstrating the positive aspects of the relationship.
  • The higher the level of family values, the more aggressive the relations of the family are. The reason for this is the existence of hereditary inequality in the family.