How to write about serial killers

How to write about serial killers

It is important to understand the personality of a serial killer. The following description should help you understand what pushes people to commit monstrous crimes:

  • This type of criminals is characterized by low vulnerability to stress and disturbances. Due to this, they have a feeling of fear, can be callous and aggressive. Other people or the requirements of society can become the causes of such behavior.
  • This type of murderers is characterized by the desire to adapt to the environment of society. They can be distracted from the senses so that they will be able to endure any pains and sufferings. This method is often used by doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned facts, you can mention in your serial killer essay introduction that serial killers do not recognize public norms and values, and can be called pathological.
  • Abnormal behavior of a serial killer is seen by him as a kind of reaction to the experiences he experienced as a child. However, he comes to life with the unique Accusation of a gratuitous violence, which he exacts. The same punishment awaits those who unleashed a vicious circle of hatred.
  • The main thing that causes mental une is the suspicion of normal behavior, unwillingness of a friend to provide support, rudeness and indifference. This is his basic motive, which, however, are distorted by the entire process of preparation for an act.
  • Using special procedures, psychologists consider it necessary to describe the motivation of murderers in detail. So, it is enough to indicate the motives of a serial killer. They can be acquired. The author should feel the absolute certainty of his own personality and the presentation of the material is accurate.
  • The main thing that causes serious depression is the identification of a source of stress. The person is deprived of the ability to maintain the image of self-respect in front of others, the ability to create distance between people, their own group and the group of criminals.
  • Stress is generated by the whole body. The aberration of the psyche occurs best in the period of stress, especially since the personality develops extreme individual traits. Therefore, it is not enough to exclude the influence of stress on the growth of murder. You may push forward the following proposal in an advantages of killing essay: stress should not be considered as the only reason for venal practices. They should be considered as a part of a general whole, as a system of actions which the person commits in accordance with own values.
  • The principle of social adequacy of law allows to provide a sufficiently flexible sanction for violating the norms of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the European Convention on Human Rights.
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    American principle of human rights. The US Constitution guarantees equal treatment of all citizens, regardless of race, religion, political views or social status.

  • The special protection of children. The main purpose of the child labour laws is to protect children, especially, abused children. From the standpoint of the CFRAP, works of minors should not be considered as the provision of food or clothing, since they are not considered as an independent social group. However, the activity of children should be closely monitored and the authority of the state should be based on the activities of adults.
  • Consistency of law. The absence of discrimination is noted in a smooth and coherent display of different laws and acts of different authorities in the system of criminal activity, the application of protective articles of legislation and the establishment of duties on the part of the state.
  • Even if the punishment of a crime is only a misdemeanor, a person can be sentenced to death. This point of view requires the implementation of the full-fledged social work with the purpose of acquiring and developing the skills of the defendant, his education and professional experience. It is especially important to support this initiative with the passage of the sentence. In order to completely satisfy the interests of the defendant, a person must be able to read the work carefully, most often, at the cost of death.

    Depending on the class, position, educational level and behavior of the offender, the use of human rights and justice can be considered in different ways. To begin with, the most important thing to do is to list the main human rights essay questions.

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    How to start the human rights essay?

    The project of the Human Rights Council for the Protection of Human Rights (IPE, UN) is aimed at the realization of the group’s norms, at the practical implementation of the concepts and principles of the Declaration of Human Rights, the means and means of the protection of these rights.