How to write about social issues?

How to write about social issues?

The opportunity to write an essay on social problems of a modern society, to define and analyze problems of a global importance, to explain and to defend own point of view on problems of a particular phenomenon. The writer should observe the whole scene of the development. The whole population, having consolidated its economic base in the middle class, is poised to compete with the resources of the lower strata.

The main task of a social worker is to reveal, compare and interpret the incoming and outgoing information. To achieve this level, a researcher should have a clear understanding of the topic, and approach the question of the similarity between people in different social groups, the opportunity to express own attitude towards every one of them, as well as define and classify the relatedness of these factors.

As a rule, scholars divide these factors into the following groups:

  • Economic (losses due to reduced productivity of labor) – the impact of economic changes on the economic status of individuals.
  • Social (aesthetic damage due to landscape degradation) – the negative manifestations of the impact of social, cultural, political and social factors on the groups:
  • Social (aesthetic damage due to the social alienation of the population from the previous generation) – the negative manifestations of the impact of social, cultural, religious, academic, etc.
  • Economic (losses due to the short-term and long-term economic changes) – the impact of factors related to the production, sale and distribution of commodities, the results of other public uses of goods and services.
  • Social (aesthetic damage due to the loss of the middle class) – the problems of governance, morality, creativity, and education in the creation of society.
  • Economic (aesthetic damage due to the influx of incomers) – the problems of managing the nature of human activity, the clash of the self-interest and the interests of the individual.
  • Social (aesthetic damage due to population growth) – the impact of external factors: poverty, unemployment, social alienation, lack of privacy, etc.
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    When writing a population problems essay, you may mention that, owing to the decline in the birth rate, the number of people has increased. However, this phenomenon does not weaken, even intensifies. The high fertility-population-growth rate is observed. Meanwhile, the lower limit — the fertility decline.

    Here is the example of how the change in the population will affect the quality of life: raising the level of social stratification, the growth in the number of self-employed entrepreneurs will negatively affect the level of income inequality, which, in turn, may lead to the displacement of the upper class.

    If you are working on a population explosion essay, you may describe the mechanisms leading to the phenomenon of population growth, which may be partially or entirely not realized by the population themselves. This mechanism is a part of the general socio-economic policy of the society and the ability of each population to combat it.

    The following conditions are observed now: the labor rate is now higher than the number labor hours per day. The level of family expenditures is higher than the population wants. The role of the middle class in the economic activity of society is much higher than the roles of the older generations.

    The causes of population growth are unambiguity and uniqueness, that is, the same causes provoke the same consequences under the same conditions.

    Examples of causes

    The following factors may be mentioned in causes and effects of population growth essay:

  • generational instability (the decline in the birth rate, the inability of women to keep up with the new normal way of life, the spread of child labour, etc.);
  • irreversible destruction of unique ecosystems, extinction of species, genetic damage, etc.
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    Causes of population growth

    There are a number of factors that cause physical and social changes in the population. They can be stimulated and decreased by changing the level of inletarian activities, for example, the level of forestry, agricultural activities, urbanization, the level of the population’s education.

    Most of these changes can be observed for the first year of the 21st century. So, the first signs of a population growth are already visible. The second year after the industrial revolution is characterized by the rapid growth of organization and society.

    The second stage is the formation of a young population, which is called newly developed. Generally, it is characterized by the destruction of the old way of life, the beginning of a new life that is characterized by optimism.