How to write about spouse problem in the family?

How to write about spouse problem in the family?

Inform the readers of your “what causes a family to have close relationships” essay that, in the family, there is a tradition of measuring the intensity of family relationship. The following parameters are of great importance:

  • Intrusive parenting, which is indicated by a higher rate of child deaths (approximately 5.2% of unintentional deaths are left in the family.
  • The high rate of divorces (approximately 6.5 times per year).
  • Disregard for the needs of the family, external and domestic roles. The assessment of the level of family values for a particular period of time (the time of the greatest revival of the family as a social institution) is carried out here.
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning. The use of force is replaced by promises. The first marriage is the most important institution in the family. The second marriage is the result of a chain of causes and effects, and the third one to be the cause of the problems of the marriage. The use of force is often associated with the history of divorce, the inferiority of women, social devaluation of men, and the desire for the adoption of children (among other criteria for evaluating the quality of family relationships).
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning. The truth revealed in the collective sense of family is manifested in the separation of the younger and the older members of the family. The results of the divorce and the use of force towards adults are manifested in the gap between the younger and the older members of the family.
  • Unions among gay and lesbians. They are the most common and, in the opinion of researchers, the most important institution of family values. The question of the permanency of such unions is referred to as the “young parent factor”. According to sociologists, there are several ways to “establish” the relationship: parental responsibility (husband and wife), shared responsibility (husband and wife) or division of labor between young spouses (descended from the younger generation onwards). There is also a sexual orientation of some parents.
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    Among the main social institutions, the family is most important as a social institution. From the point of view of fundamental social changes, its functions are:

  • The social purpose of the family is the combination of the marriage and kinship ties. From this perspective, the family acts as a cultural community – a place where the reproduction of the community is born and renewed. Through the family, generations of people replace each other. So, the family acts as a cultural hub.
  • The spiritual and psychological content of the family is founded on the relationship between the older and younger generations, the connection of the kinship and marriage roles in the system of relations between the younger and older groups. Through the family, generations replace each other’s personalities and the qualities with which the latter are characterized.
  • The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, relationships and forms of activity. Since the main value of our time is personal happiness, it is important not only to stabilize the family but to improve the quality of marriage.
  • Marriage contributes to the improvement of the quality of family income, increases the happiness of children, enhances the life of the spouses.
  • Effect of marriage on the family: it is a unique marriage. The values of spouses are sufficiently strong, and the possibility of joint parenthood provides more opportunities for the fulfillment of the basic needs of the spouses, including the upbringing of children.
  • In the system of marital relations, the attitude towards children is formed. They are the best indicator indicator of the conformity of the couple to the basic needs of the marriage.
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    The importance of sexuality education for the family. In the context of the importance of family responsibilities, young people begin to demand knowledge about sexual matters, and this leads to the fact that parents begin to treat them as an object of sexual harassment, even though it is entirely in vain.

  • The importance of gender equality in the family. The researchers have consistently noted the transition of the marriage institution on the basis of the improvement of the quality of family values (the result of a complex process of structural and functional change, the introduction of a family institution from the lower strata to the middle class).
  • Statistical conditions in the family. The purpose of the marriage is the reproduction of the population as a whole, the regulation of fertility, child birth, mortality, physical and sexual abilities. In recent decades, the family has become extremely popular in the industrialized countries of the world.