How to write about suicide

How to write about suicide

Suicide research papers are always relevant, since this is one of the eternal problems of mankind which exists practically as long as there is a human on Earth. According to scientists, suicide is a special form of the human tragedy, the ultimate outcome of the interaction of the senses with the body. It is almost impossible to predict the future of suicide, and its problems have only one common feature: suffering and premature (if the victim is alive).

Modern suicidologists were able to identify the specific effects of suicide on the human body. The following details should be mentioned in suicide essays:

  • Suicide can be considered as one of the first phenomenons in the history of philosophy. It is believed that a person is attracted by the concept of voluntary death quite soon.
  • In many states of the world, the death penalty (having obtained the upper share of the population, nobility, fame, etc.) was introduced for a priest.
  • In the modern interpretation of the concept of suicide, it is connected with honour. To some extent, the self-murder of a priest does not constitute a completely free and good death. But this is not the case. The death of a specialist depends on the actions of a whole society.
  • But this view of the problem of suicide is not completely justified. The self-murder of students is not a completely rational decision. That is why such an ideology is not only condemned but also vigorously defended. Even today, suicide is often described as a state of mind (the highest form of society, highest consciousness, the highest sense of the joys of the soul).

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    Given the fact that the phenomenon of suicide is a classical state of mind, it is not difficult to understand it. The self-murder of a person is a very emotional and subjective phenomenon. Everything about the behavior of the victim is charged with the self-nature of the whole society.

    Essays about suicide are so topical because self-murder testifies to the presence of serious problems in society and interpersonal relations. A person can’t or does not consider necessary facts about other people: wars, poverty, unemployment, social isolation, lack of universal and state recognition, secret conflicts between the group, the emergence of class, etc.

    Yet, according to sociologists, there are significant groups of self-destructive people. They are engaged in illegal actions in politics and organizations, commit illegal acts in the enemy’s sphere and resort to demagogic liberalism. They exhibit the​​ Aggression of the spirit. All this is expressed in the form of actions, different degrees of suffering and murders. This is why it is not unfair to consider suicide as a measure of revenge.

    Because of the diversity of norms and principles of behaviour, it is quite difficult to define and classify the people who resorted to suicide. In general, this phenomenon exists. It is especially acute for state and university students.

    Typically, self-destructive students try to free the world of their own happiness by doing something they considered as a waste of time and resources. Such a practice is associated with the history of young people. A person can undergo a crisis of self-esteem and lose the perception of own personality, the ability to create own life. Such a state can be preserved even after the suicide attempt.

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    Why? Why did an individual try to commit self-murder? Among the many problems associated with the answer, the most important is the alignment of the self-interest with the interests and ambitions of the group.

    The group defined by self-disclosure is very different from the group of people. Its members are highly motivated to contribute to the community. This characteristic is completely in the system of interpersonal relations.

    The concept of the group identity does not arise in the constitution of society. It is purely social. Gender, ethnicity, language, religion, political views or social status are not a part of it. In other words, the concept of the group identity is completely in the process of socialization.

    There is a quite close relationship between social identity and suicide. In Western society, the values of individual freedoms are usually higher than material wealth, and this is one of the characteristic qualities of the society.

    In the period of economic growth, the interests of the economy always predominate over private interests. A person can survive in any social role, but material prosperity is always directly below. In the era of growth, the aristocracy and the middle class were able to enjoy their position simultaneously.

    More and more entrepreneurs emerged during the development of society. They had greater opportunities to acquire and maintain wealth than the average, but their net contribution was always limited, because other people could not fully satisfy their wants.