How to write about the American Dream?

How to write about the American Dream?

The American Dream is one of the most popular and, in the modern world, widely discussed ideas of our time. The United States of America were proclaimed an independent state in 1776. The American people had to spend another seven years in a hard war with England to defend their independence. Only in 1783, through the Treaty of Paris, England recognized the sovereignty of the young republic.

The conflict between the colonies and the metropolises gradually increased. The colonization of North America started yet in the beginning of the seventeenth century. The vast majority of white settlers came from Europe, mainly from England. By the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, about 2.5 million people lived in 13 colonies. 500 thousand of them were Negro slaves from Africa. Attempts to turn the Indians into slaves were unsuccessful.

As the American Revolution progressed, more people became free, and and their number increased. The number of free slaves was around 3.5 million at the end of the revolutionary war.

Share of the American Dream in the propaganda of the New World.

It’s worth noting in “How income inequality is affecting the American Dream?” essay that the gap between the rich and the poor has increased. Today, the average income of the top 10% of the population is approximately $ 880 a year. The income of the middle class of the US is lower than in England but higher than in Germany.

The situation of the poor has also worsened considerably, the number of people dependent on the minimum wages has increased. As of 1975, the minimum wage of the top 10% of Americans was $ 13.5 times higher than the earnings of the bottom 30% of Americans.

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There is, however, no certainty in when the real situation of economic inequality will change in the next 20 years. However, the trends of change in the real world are clearly seen already. The narrow interest of the vast majority of the population is the result of the action of more than 1.5 times.

It should be borne in mind that the dynamics of the process of economic stratification of Americans is at its best in the history of the United States. At the end of the last century, the United States did not even come close to the bottom of the global income ladder. The gap between the top and the bottom layers of the US population was approximately equal.

There was a tendency for the lower class to try to improve its position in the social hierarchy, to try to assert its authority, and to try to influence the activities of other groups. The struggle of the poor often impinged the struggle of the elite. The struggle of the middle class often was the cause of the emergence of a new elite – the elite of the new lower class.

If you’re looking for the good ideas for income inequality essay, mention the following fact: the growth of the middle class became a real fact of American society in the course of the eighteenth century. The percentage of people above the middle class in the same year was lower than in 1774. The share of the middle class in the population was lower than in England and higher than in European countries.

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The entry of the middle class into the social hierarchy was marked by the struggle of its opponents. The struggle of the lower classes into the ranks of the middle class took place. The absence of the middle class led to the impoverishment of the vast majority of the population.

The economic progress, as well as the “Decade of Prosperity” in general, collapsed in 1929-1933 due to the global economic crisis. F. Roosevelt, leader of the Democratic Party, singled out its main reason, which may be formulated in “Cause of income inequality in the United States” essay as follows: the rapid growth of labor productivity observed in America in the 1920s was not supported by the necessary taxation of corporations and the redistribution of rapidly rising profits. The interests of the majority of the society were not taken into account.

The productive capacities of the nation have continuously increased. But consumer opportunities have changed little due to the selfishness and omnipotence of big business which can be stressed as the most significant negative factors in reasons for income inequality essay. Under these conditions, overproduction, unemployment and economic collapse became inevitable. These tendencies were followed by the fundamental reformist slogan of Roosevelt: the main efforts of the government should be aimed at radical transformation of the distribution sphere, the approval of distributive justice.

The radical reform of the distribution system aimed at expanding the purchasing power (demand) of the bulk of the population (lower and middle classes) was symbolically described by Roosevelt himself as “pump-priming”. In the scientific literature, this model and the totality of the measures included in it have become known as the demand economy. With its theoretical justification, a Keynesian economics emerged.