How to write about the American Dream?

How to write about the American Dream?

The American Dream is one of the most popular and, in the modern world, most widely known symbols of the US Dream. The economy of this boom was based on the dream of unlimited, economic growth. No lower value, no lower class, no middle class, no need for the middle class, and hence the triumph of the American Dream. The pinnacle of the American Dream is the American Dream itself. No wonder at various stages of the development of American civilization writers tried to understand it better.

The Frank Marshall Voice called it the sound of the “chorus of commerce”, the “vocation of sacrifice”, the “foundation” for the “Achievements of the Common Era”. The whole tone of Marshall’s speech is imbued with the belief that the destiny of the country is in the hands of the founders, and any attempt of intervention in their program is weakness in the future.

This attitude, of course, led to the collapse of the old customs and ideas of the class, the dominance of the middle class in social life. As a result, the middle class acquired a number of valuable properties: social status, power, and freedom. All these values helped to ensure a comfortable and adequate life for a large number of lower class members.

But, without the property and social privileges, the working class was forced to work at a minimum level, to contribute to the social and domestic space (the result of the interaction of bosses and workers) only. The middle class is one of the most important social structures, and its position in the social hierarchy of the United States is one of the most significant in the countries of the world.

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The middle class is a cultural community, the most important form of which is the middle class. The process of its formation is closely related to the system of values formation which, in the process of time, relates to the changes that have taken place in the world historically, the Ascendancy of society, the Replacement of the Middle Class, and other social phenomena. Accordingly, the topic of the middle class in social psychology is always relevant for social research.

In the system of values formation, the middle class usually consists of two parts: the rich and the poor. These groups have slightly different characteristics: the first is the lean, muscular, mentally lazy, and the second part – the overworked. The former group will always be feminine, flexible, and highly emotional – these are the qualities of the average woman and man respectively.

In countries of the world, the middle class is a middle category, i.e. the most important social category. Many marketers speak about the need for raising the status in order to make products and services more attractive for a target audience. In addition, according to many of studies, the average person has a fairly wide range of choices in the choice of profession, and, in addition, has some innate tendencies in her choice.

The feature of the middle class is its ability to accumulate wealth, and, especially, to lose it. You may emphasize in the essay on income inequality and happiness that, in the broad sense, the middle class is an independent social subject. It is directly integrated into the social structure of society. Participating in the social division of labor, it is a part of the elite of the free world.

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Due to the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the middle class, its activity can be considered as a “disadvantage”, i.e. the level of income inequality, while the distribution of incomes is usually preceded by the activity of the upper class in the form of monopoly on certain resources.

The middle class is distinguished by high heterogeneity and even ambiguity in many objective and subjective criteria. This prevents the understanding of the common interests of representatives of the middle class.

The distribution of incomes is usually preceded by the activity of the elite in the formation of incomes, and the middle class, in turn, is the source of titanic incentives for progress. As a rule, the middle class invests funds in real estate, liquid assets.

Tectures in the process of economic growth arise. The first are the formation of individual budgets, the second – the process of obtaining the necessary licenses, permits, special permits, etc.

The third stage is the process of scaling up the existing permanent positions, the first almost in the first year, and then – to become a part of the labor force.

You may push forward the following proposal in an advantages of income inequality essay: the middle class gets a set of basic necessities that allow to greatly facilitate its own ascent. These are needed in the process of social mobility, which, in turn, contributes to the success in the other spheres of the formation of the individual.

The fifth stage is the transition from collective to separating meaning. The middle class dispenses all these costs.

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The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure.