How to write about the American Dream?

How to write about the American Dream?

The twentieth century, as it seems today for many people, have passed under the sign of the US domination. The leading role of the United States in world economy, international relations, military-technical and strategic sphere is quite obvious.

It is much more difficult to determine “subtle” indicators. What are the positions and achievements of American society in the spiritual sphere on the world arena? How important is the deep, ontological metaphysics of this society, which is unfolded in the global historical and social process? In short, where the humanity moved in a result of the American humanitarian and, in more narrow sense, ideological pressure? You should find the answers to these questions writing “What is the American Dream today?” essay.

Modern researches show that the American Dream loses its popularity. The ideas of the unification and prosperity of US society, the guarantee of freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly, idea of a country that may become an example for the whole world are being transformed today. In many ways, they are already turned into the idea of “American exclusiveness”. There are various arguments in support of this conclusion.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the notion of “American exclusiveness” became widely used by social scientists in an attempt to explain the reasons for the weak spread of radical ideas among the American working class. The scientific community was actively seeking an answer to the question: why the United States is the only industrialized country in which a significant socialist movement has not been observed?

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This problem bothered many researchers, because, according to Marx, more developed country shows less developed ones the image of their future. Proceeding from this logic, US had to become the strongest socialist country.

At the very beginning of the last century, the German socialist, sociologist Werner Sombart published a book titled “Why Is There No Socialism in the United States?” In 1927, Jay Lovestone, Secretary General of the Communist Party of the United States (later, an ardent anti-communist and CIA agent), defined “American exclusiveness” only as gradual increase in the strength and stability of capitalism, which prevented the socialist revolution in America. In 1929, Joseph Stalin, unwilling to accept the fact that America is resistant to social revolutions, called Lovestone’s ideas nothing more than heresy.

Supporters of US exclusiveness say that America is a “special case”. It is the only one country in the world which, from the first day of its existence, was based on republican ideals and not on a common historical, cultural heritage, ethnic homogeneity or consolidated ruling elite. You may mention in “Who are the true beneficiaries of the American Dream?” essay that the policy of the United States always has been characterized by a system of checks and balances that have been designed in such a way as to prevent excessive strengthening of individuals or political parties.

Consequently, the United States retains free republican democracy, and citizens live on the territory whose laws reflect civil values. Another argument in support of “American exclusivity” is social mobility. The United States is known as the “country of opportunities”, and Americans are proud of this. The government of the country allegedly contributes to the creation of a “launching pad” so that any person can easily climb the social ladder.

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It should be noted in “What does the American Dream mean to you?” essay that the term was somewhat abstracted from its historical context in scientific practice and political journalism. Supporters and opponents of “American exceptionalism” began to use this term in the context of a discussion about whether the United States could stand “above the law” or be “excluded from the law”, in particular, with respect to any international obligations. The terminological confusion was created. A shift in the semantic emphasis and a deviation from the historical context took place.

Defending the American Dream essay should convey the fact that many of those who adhere to the idea of traditional “American exclusiveness” agree that the United States must fully comply with international public law and act only within its framework. But, for the reasons mentioned above, “American exclusivity” and the messianic role of the United States are seen as an excuse for expansionism.

For contemporary critics of the United States, an American world expansion and aggressive foreign policy became the main counterarguments in the discourse about the uniqueness of the US idea. For example, the famous American intellectual Howard Zinn, in the book “A People’s History of the United States”, claimed that there are such horrific examples of the “immorality” manifestations in American history that this country has no right to be a model of virtue. In turn, the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr argued that America’s belief that it brings an exceptional good will ultimately lead to a moral disintegration of society.

It’s difficult to disagree with it. Historically, the United States is one of the most expansionists of world civilization.