How to write about the American Dream?

How to write about the American Dream?

The American Dream is one of the most popular and, in the modern world, most important myths. The Fabric of the American Dream is one of the main fabrications. All the facts of life born in the United States are designed for the benefit of the American Dream.

The first fixed American Dream was the image of a small ship crossing the raging ocean with passengers on board. They could hardly believe that the day will come when they would be remembered as pioneers and “Mayflower” would symbolize the “birth certificate” of American Dream. The greatest American Dream is described by the majestic lines of the Declaration of Independence which is based on the Constitution. America created a new history for the United States. The country began from a clean paper on the Constitution.

The first recorded event that had an effect on the psyche of the British sailor was the “fatal struggle” in the port of Madras, where he had to suffer from extreme pain. The pain of a sailor was so strong that he had no desire to remain alive. He did not want to have the same experience as the patient in court, and therefore, ordered that the discursive, aggressive George Washington in the role of the king of all the countries of the American continent.

The admiral was outraged by the senselessness of the American refusal to leave France after the fall of the French kings. Consequently, he instituted a ban on working on any business, social and governmental activities. All people are given the opportunity to experience and learn the qualities of their country in this way.

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In the period of one-year, US became the best employer of the world. Paying for college essays, you can continue to enjoy the magic of the American Dream.

Interesting fact for money and the American Dream essay: Marx foresaw that, under capitalism, the economy would become the main content and meaning of social life, and the distribution of wealth would continue to divide.

The process of property differentiation is characteristic of the process of the elimination of the natural monopoly of a given person by others. Distribution of wealth is accompanied by the mutual limitation of opportunities for promotion and accumulation of the surplus. These tendencies lead to the collapse of the market and the growth of the gap between the classes.

The situation is typical for the system of social regulation. From the outset, it is established, as a rule, and then becomes a reality, yielding different results to the struggles of opposing groups, the processes of social control over the natural resources.

The initial stage of the capitalist development has the character of the overthrow of the social system, the emergence of another social order – the socialist. The first communist regime in the world recognized this difference in its program, aimed at eliminating the privileges, enhancing the already material base of the middle class, satisfying the needs of the middle class.

The second stage, which should be mentioned in “How income inequality is affecting the middle class?” essay, is the era of transition from the high society to the lower class. The material wealth of the middle class was insufficient to meet the needs of the poor, and the middle class was instead a “lower class” than a whole society. In the period of state and political repression, the middle class was allowed to remain at a distance, but not any more.

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The third stage, which should be called the “Triumph of Progress” in the American model, determines the level of material well-being of the population, includes massive urbanization of the urbanized regions. The whole population of the considered areas of the economy has its own domestic and industrial output, a significant part of the population (in particular, financial and entrepreneurial class) were newly formed and transformed into the ranks of the middle class.


In the framework of any diagnostic work, the transition from the middle class to the lower one takes place. The lower class acquires a number of significant characteristics: economic, educational, cultural, moral, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic aspects, and, especially, economic.

Since such parameters as the size of the population, their position in the social structure of society, their tendency to substitution (for example, the growth of social inequality, the dispossession of the middle class of the United States) make it possible to determine the level of social stratification, and, in terms of economic inequality, it is determined by certain parameters. The following criteria are of the great importance: equality of opportunities in the economic, agrarian, educational, credential, and professional spheres, the level of qualification and professional activity of the representatives of these groups, their ability to compete on the wages, the possibility of moving up a social ladder.

It’s also worth noting in the wealth inequality essay that the middle class plays a leading role in the processes of economic inequality in the United States.