How to write about the American Dream?

How to write about the American Dream?

The American Dream is one of the main symbols of America, which, since the very inception of the nation, was perceived as a kind of universal ideal for the entire world. In the eyes of the English poor, everything is fine with the existing social system, but the dream is very important for the present time. Wealth is meaningless without it. The mind is only one-dimensional. In order to achieve it, a person must endure any trials, work hard, and show courage.

The American Dream is a symbolic way of reaching the age of enlightenment. It corresponds to the ideal of the Enlightenment, which is also called the Way of Progress. The American Dream is the theory of the world’s first industrial revolution, which took place in the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century. The industrial revolution broke the traditional “thieves of wealth” and social mobility. It was a society in the process of transforming the material base of the American Dream. The revolutionary potential of the American Dream was calculated, and the results of its passage were used to reach the goal of a new level of the American Dream.

American Dream essay should describe the period of the American Dream formation. Its parameters and expectations were determined by the time of the American Dream. The level of the American Dream has always been determined by the intersection of the ideological forces of the United States: a narrow and coherent “American Dream” was formed on the basis of the American Dream and the British Empire. It was this force that promoted social mobility and called into action the efforts of the individual and the collective “will to wealth”.

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Communist and democratic states developed an extremely important and significant apparatus – the apparatus of the new Caissons’ government. The main instrument of this government was the active participation of the society in the management of the state through the democratic system. In general, the state was a flexible structure for reaching the goal of the individual and the common good.

With the overthrow of the feudal protectorate, the establishment of the open economy has become the main goal of the average American. It was represented in the form of the “favor pool” – a pool of income and opportunity which provided the social structure of the United States. The results of the democratic form of statehood were evaluated in the entire period of the history of the United States, and the sums of them went beyond the norm of the natural.

The Economy of Statehood was characterized by the following features: in the minds of the farmers, the nation provided abundance of free time, and this allowed them to continue to use the free material potential of the nation in the direction of setting the tasks of their own production. The social and domestic balance was maintained.

The administrative apparatus was able to use the authority of the state system to form a new layer of control over the situation in the country. The government introduced a new system of restraints on the part of the elders: they were allowed to appoint a case manager who was directly subordinate to the feelings of the family. The person of the elder was considered as a high-ranking official in the state apparatus.

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Control over the distribution of household items was introduced. The dowry of husbands and wives was calculated depending on the incomes of other members of the family. The share of income from property was lower, but the share of social benefits was higher. The social risk of divorce was higher.

There is a semi-automatic mechanism of communist governance, which, however, could not take into account the interests of the elderly. Instead, this society was mainly interested in the struggles of the young, the ability of collective struggle for the unified development of the economy, social and political rights.

An important role in the development of the child labour (application of child labour for domestic purposes, the provision of income and social services) was played by the activity of special bodies. In particular, the arrangement of such bodies was different in the system of representative governments.

State bodies allowed to take some measures on the part of the population, regulated the property of their employees, established the duties on the sale of goods, changes in the value system of salaries, fees, the amount of social insurance, etc.

Representative bodies were responsible for the implementation of public functions, for example, the maintenance of the minimum wage, but by other rules, the social and cultural goals of the population were not taken into account.

In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters. America narrowed the idea of success to one component in a concrete, tangible form, and happiness was determined by the number of banknotes. The dream of success was embodied, as Tocqueville said, in the romance of figures which have an irresistible charm. The cult of wealth has become almost religious. It was a special form of idealism. Tocqueville described it as follows: there is something supernatural in the incredible ability of Americans to acquire.