How to write about tolerance in friendship essay?

How to write about tolerance in friendship essay?

This topic is a good basis for a friendship essay because, among the numerous problems of the modern world, there are many types of friendship. Let’s talk about three of them: the ideal and the ordinary.

The ideal type of friendship is called Pareto’s law. According to the theorem, in order to be aware of all the features of the relationship, the individual must have a number of friends. But, obviously, there are no friends who are always with him. If it is rather difficult for a person to find friends, then most of the friends are destroyed by bad circumstances.

Such situation may be observed even in the happiest period of life. The first stage is loneliness and depression of the soul. The second stage is enthusiasm, which, however, can lead to some usually dangerous consequences. The third stage is the stage of forming a relationship of the individual with the group of friends. Usually, it is characterized by increased emotional interaction, better personal characteristics and a more intense feeling of sympathy.

During and after the first stage, various problems may be described. The person may have high worries, feel pressure from the outside, feel insecure and be afraid to take responsibility for own life and the problem of friendship. Friends can begin to treat the person like an individual, to show respect, to feel envy, to envy. And the more respectful the friends are, the more they are.

But no matter how sharp the criticism may be, no one hates friends. The ability to make friends is in the faculty of personality. The main thing that limits friendship is the choice of partners.

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When people interact with each other, their personal qualities manifest themselves. The qualities of interpersonal partners differ primarily in the attributes that the individuals attribute to each other, the ways in which the interaction with the surrounding society is observed.

Among the main features of interpersonal partners, it is necessary to point out the following:

  • social status (workers, peasants, intelligentsia) and position (officials, teachers, etc.);
  • personal and group (social and group identity, including the nationality, the religion, the sex, age, and so on);
  • relationship with others is based on respect, attention, care, sense of the value of the complementary relationship (the main principle of friendship in this case is mutual service and mutual service, the highest form of cooperation, the perfect example, the ideal model for the daily interaction of partners united by common values and interests.

    Although, according to some sources, marital relations are based on robust individual bonds, this fact does not necessarily mean that the modern family is a “family unit” in democratic democratic society. In any case, along with the interests of the spouse, the interests of the individual (the main principle of family unity) are necessarily taken into account.

    Psychological observations for essays on family values

    In recent decades, the family has become an important institution the basis of a variety of theories about social behavior, morality, and spirituality. Along with the notions of family as a “social institution”, there were many psychoanalytic theories in refuge for the wives.

    The first of them, according to H. Fisher, is connected with the experience of a narrow social group, the alphasians. They describe a kind of “family” in which the “community” does not exclude the home, the holy, the sacred and the local community – the so-called “family” is the most important social institution, on the basis of which all the others are built.

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    The above-mentioned metaphor is perhaps a good example for the how to endow your essay about love for a female magazine. Since the very concept of the family is stigmatized in the minds of the participants, it is difficult for anyone to imagine how differently the perceptions of own personality might be different in a group of peers. Even after reading the articles on the disadvantages of family values, it is difficult for the reader to maintain the focus on the article’s positive and negative aspects without turning into abstract reflections.

    Of course, there are many experts in the area of family psychology in which certain psychodynamic features are clearly manifested: hostility, aggressiveness in relations, exploitation, desire for exploitation, the inclination for socialization, clustaring of people. In this group, the higher the level of emotional reactions, the more aggressive the behaviour of men and women is.

    The facts proving that family violence is a common occurrence in elite families do not necessarily lead to a crisis in the family. But the transition of the children to adult age and the preference of the older generations over the younger ones, in some ways, leads to a reversal of the traditional value hierarchy.

    The increase in the number of antisocial families of one-year olds over time is noteworthy. They change the value system of the family.