How to write about US income inequality

How to write about US income inequality

The topic of American income inequality is always relevant, since this is one of the most developed economic powers. In recent years, a number of publications about values of the middle class has been issued, and the number of them is growing.

The highest social mobility in the United States occurs in the period from the 1950s to the present time. The share of the middle class in the American population has consistently exceeded the average share of the entire population. In the 50-70s, the real wages of workers in the middle class grew more than 1.5 times. The earnings of the middle class have continuously increased. For example, in the early 1970s, the wages of the top 10% increased more than 1.5 times.

The middle class reached 60% of the population. At the same time, the number of people employed in agriculture has increased. The number of people employed in agriculture is 10 times higher than the number agricultural workers.

A number of other democratic laws contributed to the middle class growth. President A. Jackson was especially active in their acceptance in the 1830s. One of Jackson’s most famous laws was the liquidation of the financial monopoly of the national bank. The main positive effect was a sharp increase in the breadth and deepening of the financial and entrepreneurial activity of the new bourgeois strata.

In the period of economic crisis, the wages of the middle class have consistently reached $ 10-15 times. And even though the incomes of the middle class are already less than $ 10, but still it is a significant reason for discussion.

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In the American history, there are many cases when the rise of the middle class occurred within the framework of the process of economic crisis. The period of the last real revolution in the United States occurred in the 1830-1840s. It was a continuation of the decades-long process of the elimination of feudal privileges and authoritarian system in the United States. The replacement of the anonymous serfdom by a compliant and powerful employee was the result of a complex process of transformation.

The causes of the first revolution are related to a more general phenomenon – the process of population transition. It may be emphasized in the essay on population that, in the leading role, it is associated with a set of changes in the value system of the United States: in the introduction of anti-discrimination laws in the 18th century, the upper and middle classes became equal; and in the period of the growth of the middle class (from the middle class to the upper one, the upper stratum and the elite) began to grow.

The process of population transition from the lower and middle classes to the higher class took place in the reforms of the 18th century. The lower social strata began to realize the existence of their own right to dispose of family resources, significant land holdings, slaves, etc.

The active participation of the lower class in economic life led to the growth of working pressure on the middle class. As a result, the wages of the middle class grew significantly. The impact of the urban poor on the earnings of the middle class is often considered in the essay on income inequality.

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The transition from the middle class to the upper class took place in the process of the elimination of the feudal privileges, the establishment of free competition the ideal way to attain the equal distribution of opportunities in the population.

A number of economic reforms of the 1830s led to a rapid increase in the breadth and deepening of the income inequality of the middle class. The struggle for the acquisition of freedom was fought in the context of the struggle for the supremacy of justice, and this is explicitly mentioned in the text of the 18th century’s democratic manifesto.

Tight progress of the human rights concept is associated with the activity of English and French philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Diderot and others. They put forward a number of important thoughts that changed the idea of what the world should be like.

For example, the concept of civil society appeared. The division of powers into administrative, governmental, legislative and judicial was proposed by Montesquieu. And within the framework of these philosophical doctrines, a new understanding of human has emerged. So, this significant period should be mentioned in your freedom of speech and censorship essay.

In England, where a great compromise, the “glorious revolution” occurred in 1688, human rights were respected. But people are still not citizens in England. They are subjects of Her Majesty. They are very free but not absolutely because must recognize the authority of the Queen at least formally.

The Labor Party, one of the leading political forces in Britain, considers it necessary to eliminate the institution of the kingdom. But it deepened into an imperious machine so much that became a kind of guarantee against the appearance of some unconstitutional formations, for example, dictatorships.

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The monarch is the supreme authority who sanctifies the constitutional system and protects it.