How to write about your hobbies

How to write about your hobbies

If you have a healthy lifestyle, use this fact as an advantage. At first glance, it may seem that your activities in a sports club or a college should not interest an employer. But physical activity is often associated with moral strength, perseverance, ability to work hard and meet strict standards. These qualities are valued in any company, regardless of a profession.

While describing your sports life, pay attention to the fact that you have a healthy lifestyle and do not use the “game” as an excuse. The next thing that you should take into account is your physical condition.

It is necessary to understand that labels on sports shoes should not be unduly big. The following logic works here: if a reader sees a cap with a hole in it, they may assume that the shoe is not very comfortable. Similarly, if an employer sees a card with a name is above a diploma, they will not be surprised by the mark “honesty” in this document.

The other legal document worth mentioning in a “Honesty and integrity” essay is designed to protect the individual from receiving a negative message from the government: a lookout on a stranger’s house is authorized by the police. When there is a crime in a house, a guard beats a suspect in a house full of demons. The police and the judge discuss the game with the socialworker. The detective explains to the client why he saw the “murder” in the house. The administrator thinks that the boy is a game player. The boy invites him to play “The Veldt” — a special machine which creates the illusion of being in a group of hunting African lions. As a result, the image of himself becomes one of the most popular images in the computer game industry.

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It may be written in an essay on computer games advantages and disadvantages that differences in the evaluation of video games are due to subjective complexity of the picture of the world in the field of aggression: some people can distinguish gaming behavior from real life, while others — no.

Adulthood usually increases this ability: a small child brings an emotional relationship that has arisen during role-playing into reality. The adult sportsman demonstratively shakes hands with his opponent after a tough fight. The further development of this skill is manifested as the ability typical for modern people — to kill each other in virtual space and to be friends in reality.

The more criteria for analysis a person has, the more aggressive his behavior may be while remaining within the framework of generally accepted moral norms. A respected member of society often differs from a criminal not by what he does, but by how. The complexity of the perception of the world allows people to choose ways to achieve the goal more flexible, reducing damage to the interests of individuals, society or the entire environment.

This characteristic is typical of all kinds of human activity, especially for creative thinking. Often people talk about the life of a famous scientist or artist with military terms: “revolution of the outlook,” “struggle of ideas.”

You may conclude in positive effects of video games essay that, if not to oppose the virtual reality to the real world and to consider them as parts of one life, then computer games become a simulator for learning how to control aggressiveness. When the player changes the game for some other activity, the skill remains and becomes quite useful.

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Another attractive feature of video games is the use of a computer. The role and significance of operator’s work steadily grow: more and more people control something or anyone using a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Although many parents oppose such entertainment, for their children, this is a good way to obtain valuable knowledge.

General review for essays about video games with the elements of violence

The relevance of “Do violent video games cause more aggression, bullying, and fighting?” argument essay is connected with the fact that the world is divided by the abyss which has become more rooted in recent years. Children say that computer games are lovely, great, cool, and so on. They always want to play. Parents can punish kids not getting to play or encourage them by allowing such pastime. Adults talk about Veldt syndrome. A generation obsessed with aggression grows in their homes.

The Veldt syndrome hides the problem of the generation gap. The computer became the most cherished childhood dream. And parents faced a question “What to do?” Not to pay much attention to it or to declare war on computer games? Since they “conquered” the world, humankind has divided into two camps: supporters and opponents of virtual reality. Each time, researchers from different countries find more and more arguments for and against games. But, probably, it will be most accurate to write in an argumentative essay on video games and violence that the scales are still in an equilibrium position.

According to forecasts, in the coming years, the market of video games will steadily expand. It is a business area with a turnover of about 10 billion dollars per year.