How to write about your hobbies?

How to write about your hobbies?

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What is an analytical essay? An analysis is understood as a research method that allows to study parts of a certain object. Usually, papers of this type are focused on consideration of a certain problem or phenomenon as well as on identification of regularities and trends in it. A well-known or innovative scientific achievement, a historical event, a work of art, a social problem, etc. can serve as an object of an analysis.

Topic and research area of an analytical essay

Contents of an analytical paper are largely defined by chosen research area. When analyzing an academic paper (thesis, scientific article), an essay can be aimed at the assessment of author’s competency, potential for further development of their innovative idea. A unique authorial style or issues touched upon in a story when writing about an artwork (a novel or a film). Therefore, it is worth formulating a topic and choosing an area of study very carefully.

If your professor has assigned a too extensive topic or a narrow direction for research, it is worth dwelling on a small issue that can be described on several pages.

Literature review

A standard paper of an analytical essay format is too short to use many quotes and consider theories of different researchers, as is done in term papers, theses, and other voluminous projects. And nevertheless, references to the sources used should necessarily be present in your paper.

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If you write about a dissertation, it is appropriate to mention famous scientists and their findings. If an analytical paper is focused on a novel or a movie, reviews famous writers, film critics, and other experts can be used as information sources.

At this stage, not only do you have to study a scientific or an artistic work in detail, but also understand how it is perceived by the society. Your paper will be more complete and convincing thanks to quotes and definitely impress readers.

When writing an analytical essay, do not forget that quotes should be used in moderation. Find brief but meaningful statements and write them down before you start composing a text. Also, remember that you need to write out publication details of each book or article you refer to in a paper. It will be much easier to compile a bibliography later.

Analytical essay structure

An outline is not an obligatory part of an essay. However, it is useful to consider it, especially if this element is relatively small. A proper structure of an essay should include a introduction, body, and conclusion.

If you do not have an opportunity to write an entire text, the best option is to highlight the main rules of an essay structure in a dedicated section.


An introduction should be written in such a way that a reader passes the initial stage of understanding of an essay. It is recommended to create a ‘hook’, i.e. some phrase that will awaken the interest of readers. You can use a quote, a philosophical phrase, statistics, a provocative statement as a hook for an essay. When presenting your argument, analysts of a literary work often underestimate the impact of transitions on the perception of information.