How to write an abstract for a dissertation?

How to write an abstract for a dissertation?

This part will be read by at least 40 people, while whole paper is usually reviewed in detail by a maximum of 5 teachers. This means that special scrupulousness is needed here. So, what is a dissertation abstract? It is a brief summary of the project which has the following structure:

  • Introduction: a general description of the work with the justification of the novelty and relevance of the study, description of the author’s personal contribution to the research of the problem, formulation of the subject and object, objectives and goals of the dissertation.
  • Main part reveals the essence of the study: research approaches and methods, main stages of the work, applied methodology, structure and scope of the dissertation, findings. Any conclusions must be confirmed by objective, accurate data. Any theories should be proposed with the indication that these are only assumptions.
  • The last part consists of a bibliographic list of publications of the author. All indicated works should relate exclusively to the dissertation topic.
  • The style, presentation of information in the abstract should be of scientific nature. All formulations should be succinct, concise, clear and precise. The statement of the problem, the hypothesis, the conclusions – all this should be logical, concretized and objective. In addition, control the volume – information should be compressed: only the essence, nothing extra. The following techniques are often used to achieve brevity: terms repeated many times are replaced by abbreviations; complex sentences, awkward constructions be replaced by simpler formulations.

    Focus on the requirements of the commission. On the official university website, download the dissertation abstract example written in your specialty and accepted by the professors, or ask the supervisor where you can find such a paper. Taking into account the characteristics of a successful sample, compile your own version.

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    Dissertation chapters

    The requirements for the content of the main part are established by the supervisor and the scientific council. As a rule, it consists of several chapters listed below.

  • A review of the literature begins immediately after the introduction. The author analyzes the sources of information on the selected topic. It is a detailed description of the subject and object of study, the degree of their cognition in the modern world. It is worth pushing off from the concepts of the topic and disclosing the topic on their basis. The commission will evaluate the applicant’s knowledge of the topic not only within the framework of the work but also within the whole branch of science.

    If the project is aimed at releasing a new issue, the chapter 1 can be divided into the following sections:

  • bibliographic review – a general overview of the sources analyzed and the most important sources related to the study, the degree of their cognition in the modern world.
  • research methods – a description of the empirical and theoretical research techniques that the applicant applies.
  • in some cases, a student has to describe the methods used within the framework of the study, the results of the research, in particular, according to the outcome of a study.

  • Bibliography – the number of sources used (references to sources used), the page on which the research paper is written.
  • Appendices – material added to the paper (tables, graphs, charts, images)
  • Formatting of the text in accordance with commonly accepted standards.
  • The main thing you need to know about the academic paper is its purpose. It is a kind of alternative to your daily tasks for school or university. You can play with the pictures on the canvas, paint interactive tables, record your own speech on a dictaphone.

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    But the most important thing that all educational tasks involve is the prepayment. When the client faces criticism from the teacher, he should be ready to prove the order of the work. So, the more understanding you, the more responsive the teacher is, the more accurate the tasks are solved.

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