How to write an abstract for a dissertation?

How to write an abstract for a dissertation?

This part will be read by at least 40 people, while whole paper is usually reviewed in detail by a maximum of 5 teachers. This means that special scrupulousness is needed here. So, what is a dissertation abstract? It is a brief summary of the project which has the following structure:

  • Introduction: a general description of the work with the justification of the novelty and relevance of the study, description of the author’s personal contribution to the research of the problem, formulation of the subject and object, objectives and goals of the dissertation.
  • The last part consists of a bibliographic list of publications of the author. All indicated works should relate exclusively to the dissertation topic.
  • The style, presentation of information in the abstract should be of scientific nature. All formulations should be succinct, concise, clear and precise. The statement of the problem, the hypothesis, the conclusions – all this should be logical, concretized and objective. In addition, control the volume – information should be compressed: only the essence, nothing extra. The following techniques are often used to achieve brevity: terms repeated many times are replaced by abbreviations; complex sentences, awkward constructions be replaced by simpler formulations.

    Focus on the requirements of the commission. On the official university website, download the dissertation abstract example written in your specialty and accepted by the professors, or ask the supervisor where you can find such a paper. Taking into account the characteristics of a successful sample, compile your own version.

    Dissertation chapters

    The requirements for the content of the main part are established by the supervisor and the scientific council. As a rule, it consists of several chapters listed below.

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  • A review of the literature begins immediately after the introduction. The author analyzes the sources of information on the selected topic. It is a detailed description of the subject and object of study, the degree of their cognition in the modern world. It is worth pushing off from the concepts of the topic and recognizing the need to apply the methods of analysis, particularly, a critical analysis.

    If you are writing a purpose of the comprehensive study, all chapters should be devoted to the topic of the project. Therefore, it is not enough to focus on the deduction of concepts and theories. The sample of the essay might be downloaded from the Internet and used as a model. If it is difficult to compile an exhaustive work with many additional sources, order a paper from a professional dissertation aid service.

  • Methodology

    A methodology chapter in dissertation is relatively small in volume but plays a significant role in the course of the study. In it, the applicant provides a description of empirical and theoretical research techniques that have been applied, lists the equipment or computer programs used, indicates the experimental studies conducted. This part can be divided into thematic points, separately describing each specific method or arranged by the general level of elaboration.

  • The third chapter of the main part is devoted to the analysis of statistics and laboratory data. Often the data shows the results of the experiments. Sometimes, the results of the study are indicated in different ways:

  • Indicators are given in the form of statistics: received and distributed data on the occurrence of certain events, the importance of certain factors, the impact of other factors on the findings.
  • The principle of symmetry calculation is used. All the results of the study are expressed in the same way.
  • The method of drawing up the results is similar to the general method of the dissertation. All the results are obtained in the same way.
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    The text of the dissertation is written in the same style as the results of the study. Therefore, the printer and the essay are used for the same purpose.

    The literature review chapter contains a description of the relevance of the sources used to prove the applicant’s position. This part can be divided into reviews, brief retelling of the content of the main part and the conclusion of the paper.

    How to write a dissertation conclusion?

    This part will be read by at least 40 people, while whole paper is usually reviewed in detail by a maximum of 5 teachers. This means that special scrupulousness is needed here. So, what is a dissertation conclusion? It is a brief summary of the results of the study. It should be short enough to complete the paper and to summarize the main points. The following characteristics of the reviewed literature should be mentioned in this section:

  • The author’s opinion is the main value of the work.