How to write an American Dream essay

How to write an American Dream essay

The twentieth century, as it seems today for many people, have passed in peace. The United States is known to be the “country of opportunities”, and the idea of a new life is difficult to comprehend by the people of our generation. We look at this space with interest, but the reality shows us only in the image of the past. The American Dream is one of the creations of humanism, the ideal of freedom and justice. It implies individual freedom, opportunity to achieve respect for his neighbor, as well as freedom of self-sacrifice for the sake of preserving justice and protecting moral values.

At the same time, there are many problems, which are successfully solved by the American Dream.

The economy of democracy, material and spiritual development of the United States, the problems of racial and gender discrimination, the problem of religion tolerance, freedom of expression, opinion, religion tolerance, justice and universal peace. Unfortunately, some of the existing decisions of the American Dream, especially at the beginning of the twentieth century, were not solved.

Even though the First Amendment contains a guarantee of freedom of speech, the American Dream is not developed in the same way as it is understood in the other countries of the world. In the European legal sense, the term “democracy” means a free, sovereign nation, the opportunity to make friends, to make friends, and to have friends. In the American sense, democracy is a social and state problem, the most important social phenomenon.

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As it is believed in the American Dream, people are equal and have equal rights. But the concept of equality does not mean the equality of the results achieved. It means the rights inherent to each individual, regardless of his belonging to a particular nation, country, gender, ethnic group.

Equality of outcome/result is the result of a combination of many factors, and the most important of them is equality of opportunities. Equality of opportunities means the elimination of inequality, the principle of inclusion and reciprocity in participation in any type of activity, including participation in education, marriage, adoption, property rights, health, moral virtues, etc.

A number of rights related to the equality of people are universal: the right to life, liberty, security, adequate food, fair trial, freedom of movement, citizenship, family, property, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, convictions, work, rest and education.

Stress in the essay on the American Dream that the word and concept of equality means the equality of opportunities, which unites the objective needs of the individual and the requirement of the conditions of his existence, body and freedom. Equality is a variety of factors that contribute to the achievement of the human rights. It is usually understood as the elimination of inequality between people as it actually occurs.

The idea of equality implies the rights inherent to each individual, regardless of his belonging to a particular nation, country, gender, ethnic group. It follows that the equality of opportunities is a guarantee of freedom, justice and universal peace.

The concept of equality of opportunities expresses the idea of the equalization of opportunities in the light of the general goal of human rights, the inalienable rights of each individual.

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The idea of equality of opportunities popularly perceived as the automatic fulfillment of the requirements of the end of the last century. In the minds of many Americans, it meant and means equality of opportunities in the economic sphere, the abolition of social and political equality, the replacement of the rule of the country with the rule of equality of opportunities.

The two concepts are not identical. In the minds of some parts of the population, they represent the same equality of opportunities. But the content of equality of opportunities does not change with time. In the minds of the majority of the population, the notion of equality of opportunities is continuously being improved.

The main postulate of the theory of equality of opportunities is the following: on the basis of the individual and group equality of opportunities, the economy and distribution of income are determined.

How to understand the concept of equality of opportunities?

The difficulty of the assignment of equality of opportunities is connected with the fact that the process of economic development has not yet fully begun. The process of adaptation to the new conditions of the economy involves constant changes. Therefore, the composition of the population is constantly being improved.

The second change in the economic situation may be a good test for the new type of the middle class, which will emerge from the lower strata. Already today, the middle class is differentiated in many ways, and this group includes representatives of the lower strata, i.e. the lower classes.

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In the process of economic activity, the distribution of incomes becomes wider and the demand for income support grows. The main obstacle is the discontent of the lower class with its position in the social structure of society, a part of which is inclined to reduce the status of the middle class, even in the formation of a powerful mass culture.