how to write an analysis essay on a poem?

how to write an analysis essay on a poem?

If you haven’t done this before, it’s wise do follow some kind of fairly strict formula to keep your analysis on track. Here are a couple of possibilities:

If you are not required to do a complete explication, then select several themes, symbols, or motifs and discuss the meaning and significance of each in one paragraph apiece. For example, in “The Raven,” you could write about the use of darkness, shadows, and night. These are related motifs but contribute in different ways to the poem’s meaning. Using the same poem, you could also write about the concepts of love, despair, and hope. These are all important to the poem’s overall meaning.

If you DO have to explicate the poem fully, then here is a link that should help you a lot.…

A full explication, depending on the length and richness of the poem could take you one to ten pages. A discussion of three symbols (or something like what I mentioned above) ought to be handled in two to 4 pages (roughly speaking).

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