How to write an analysis of friendship?

How to write an analysis of friendship?

Although, we have already determined that friendship is not always a love that should be continuously maintained. Sometimes, the best friends are those whom you can call in on a friendship. However, there are cases when people who can work hard and have decent salary, sooner or later, enter the market, creating barriers for friendship. In this regard, it is important to understand the psychology of friendship, which will help you to understand how it works.

Geometry of friendship

The understanding of friendship, as well as other interpersonal relationships, requires the explainer of values, ways to be discovered in the field of interpersonal relations. For example, the characteristic of such relationships is their particularity – it is the most important element of the understanding of friendship. We can call it the geometric principle of friendship.

The understanding of friendship requires scientific knowledge of the most important attributes: social attitude, content of the communication, motives and so on. Studying the geometric principle of friendship, it will be possible to propose a new classification of such intangible friends, an expanded model for the subject. The following plan will be drawn up:

  • Friendly relations (the most important aspect of them).
  • The principle of friendship (the lowest): a person always remains in contact with a friend. But the feeling of love can sometimes be mistaken for the sake of unfair criticisms, and, in this case, it is inaccurate. In order to avoid this mistake, it is necessary to check the basic principles of the interaction of friends.

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  • The main thing that can damage the friend is his/her unfriendliness. This is the weakest of the three main reasons for friendship death. However, it is quite obvious: the friend is not always a “friend”, but may be mistaken into a “loyal” companion, being selfishly indebted to the goodwill of the person who turned out to be honorable.
  • The other useful friendship is a dialogue. However, it is not always possible to find out, for example, “How to end a friendship?”, because the subject of the conversation may be inconsistent in the solution of the question, and the idea of “how to end a friendship” may be inadequate.
  • The social value of friendship is its ability to demonstrate the interest in the problem of science and in a society.
  • The social identity of friendship is its ability to form a role for the commencement of active participation in science.
  • In the system of friendship, the opposite role is played by the principle of merit, which is called “the advantage”. The friend is often the first to take part in scientific activity, and, in turn, to make the first steps on the way to scientific achievements.
  • Peculiarities of friendship.
  • Friendship is a kind of cooperation which arose from a combination of several other types of mutual activity, namely, joint pastime. In this case, the personal significance of personal relationships is high. Social roles, self-disclosure are higher. The friend may act as the bridge between different social, cultural, religious, school, or older generations. Such communication, which we usually call friendship, originally arose in social networks and on the basis of other kinds of virtual relationships.
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    The basic principle on friendship is social – the interdependence of people, their social position and position in the social hierarchy, the overall position of the individual in the group of adjacent people. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, and this is due to the unique individual characteristics of each individual.

    However, on the basis of the unique characteristics of friendship, it is possible to distinguish two different types of relationship: belonging to the same training, and belonging to different training. The first, the habitual nature of communication is formed, which leads to a certain goal, the possibility of achieving it, no matter how disagree we may consider it.

    The second type, habitual tone is set by the educational institution, the speaker’s behavior, attitude to other people and social circumstances. As a rule, the purpose of communication with a stranger is to obtain insight, to share knowledge, to discuss interesting ideas, to make our life easier. As a rule, unpleasant truths are stated first and spread by the speaker.

    The concept of friendship, as a rule, is synonymous with the interaction of people. At the initial stage, people only talk about what is happening in the world and what can we do about it. However, without actual knowledge, people have a difficult time imagining what could happen if someone should misunderstand or write something which is not true.

    The amount of people that communicate on the Internet is constantly growing. It is especially relevant for high school students. Just like the number of students in the class, the number of students who write fiction stories is constantly growing. If you research the term, you will be surprised by how many creative approaches one gives.