How to write an analysis of friendship?

How to write an analysis of friendship?

The essay is one of the primary academic assignments. It is written year after year at the examinations, and new generations of graduates also will write it. Before analyzing friends, we need to learn some characteristics and common patterns.

Community is the main institution of the formation of friendship. The exact method of communication with a friend is often determined in adolescence.

Substantiation of friendship is based on a mutual understanding of the other person and the desire to share their thoughts, experience, feelings, etc. This is the basis of the mechanism of friendship’s “hastily” transformation into “social activity”. The peer group is a place for the accumulation of those high qualities and emotions that allow a person to prove own personality and worldview.

However, “nobility” and “fidelity” are not the main qualities of friends. On the contrary, these are the qualities of the individual and the most important aspect of the essence of the friendship.

The community is a space in the system of interrelated and complementary relations which were formed during the childhood. All groups have the same basic needs which are the same for all participants in the process of friendship.

Such interrelatedness, intimacy in interpersonal relations, the belief that everyone is related to the common idea are the basic qualities of the individual and the basis of the interpersonal relationship. These principles are based on the teaching of the child, the collective ideal of humanism.

Psychologists believe that the main thing that and the fruit of the dialogue are the individual attitudes of the individual and the formation of a group identity in the process of communication. It is also necessary to emphasize the importance of personal, rather than communal, aspects of friendship.

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Community participation is a condition in which all the most important decisions are taken with the participation of the whole community in the process of coordination, mutual service, and group care.

In accordance with these principles, friendship is a space in which all the most important decisions are taken including:

  • cooperation with others, joint pastime;
  • communication with other people, shared leisure, entertainment, sports, various amateur classes;
  • social isolation of the individual;
  • isolation of people from each other;
  • excessive altruism, which, in fact, is the opposite of altruism.
  • You may push forward the following thesis in an advantages of friendship essay: only the most highly developed social roles (work, family, religious ritual, etc.) are effective, even in the hardest situations, and the strongest magnets for friendship are in the harmony of the community.

    The power of friendship in social life is confirmed not only in the powerful collective form, but also individually focused. On the one hand, the interpersonal relationships are being developed. The most important feature of interpersonal relationships is their emotional background. This means that they arise on the foundation of certain feelings that people experience in relation to each other. These feelings can be close and unite people or disconnect them.

    But, in the case of interpersonal communication, the harmony of interests, feelings, and relationships is more important. To the vast majority of cases, such factors are connected with the cooperative activity of actors in the field of friendship.

    The practical significance of interpersonal communication is confirmed not only by its importance for society but also by its impact on the human personality. Honesty, integrity, and conscientiousness determine the degree of honesty in interpersonal relations. The genuine communication is primarily a emotional attachment. The truth is the process of expression of the truth. Therefore, the honest person follows the truth, does not lie and does not deceive.

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    Religious circles criticized Malthus for his views on the role of friendship. The Church believed that any artificial form of relationship (friend, father, brother) is greater than the true sacrifice (friend, lover, volunteer, etc.).

    However, the modern person can say that there is nothing artificial in friendship. It is only an internal sense of the unity of interpersonal relations. All the acts of interpersonal communication are aimed at reaching personal goals and the realization of deeper values.

    How to write on friendship essay topics?

    Such essays as friendship day essay are quite popular today. The main purpose of this time is to prepare the younger generation for life without parental influence. The cause of the popularity of such papers is the emergence of a new age of communication which, in fact, is not identical with the age of the individual.

    The vehicle for this time is social media. This feature is also true for university students. Just as for the car, it is possible to buy a car for various services. The person can transfer money, make the payment in any way convenient for the particular bank account.

    Such mentality, in particular, is typical for the students of many educational institutions. When a person registers in a social bank account, he immediately encounters the various procedures.