How to write an analysis of friendship essay?

How to write an analysis of friendship essay?

Friendship is a kind of interpersonal interaction which arose in the course of the development of society from strong basic principles. The subject of communication is the value of the interaction, the ways in which it occurs, the main subjects of interaction.

The word “friend” is most often understood as a interactive process. The basic principle on which all other characteristics of the interaction are based – sociality. The extra information and additional parameters of the theory of friendship, which you will learn while studying of the subject, are directly related to the formation of the individual personality.

The basic principle on friendship is based on the principle of similarity and equality. In other words, the entire process of its manifestation is built on the personality of a person. The only difference is the ultimate goal of the interaction. All other factors are of the collective nature.

Writing the analytical essay on friendship, you should analyze the ways in which the various constraints on interaction are taken in different positions, the nature of the relationship between the object and the subject of such interactions, its main differences and similarities.

Different professions of the elderly group (workplace, family member, doctor, etc.) were formed on the basis of a simple and accessible way of communication. However, the proto-methodology of friendship, which emerged in the late XIX century, taught not to be alone with the objective reality, not to take the victim’s position under the influence of an unconscious sense of guilt.

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The late 50’s and 60s were marked by a rapid change in the orientation of collective relations. The internal conflicts of the poor, many of whom were psychically unsolvable, were solved owing to the determined activity of social leaders, primarily Communist Party.

The methods of organization of friendship, which were developed over the last 50 years, were essentially transformed when the social role of the elderly as one of the primary values. In the collective system of values, the elderly are a social group that exists primarily for the purposes of collective relations.

A great transformation of values took place in the idea of friendship. The subject of communication with the elderly is not only a physical but also an emotional image, a core value. Unlike in the case of other values, the elderly are not perceived as separate entities.

Psychologically, the idealization of friends is typical for the elderly. In order to achieve it, a person must have a relatively high amount of self-esteem.

The presumption that friends must be strong, assertive and have a strong moral character is not true. But in order to implement it, the individual must have a relatively low level of morality, especially when it comes to the interaction with others.

A person can satisfy his needs for the elderly, simply by providing more or less material goods. But this is, in fact, an impossible task.

There is a stereotype that friends must be formidable, courageous, and have a good work and a strong moral system. However, this view is founded on the incorrect assumptions about the nature of friendship, the ways in which it can and should be organized, and the role of individual experiences in the activity of friendship.

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Role of friendship in social life

The main activity of the person in social life is connected with the activity of others: contacts, partnerships, moral obligations, communication with other people. Besides, everything is built on the foundation of concrete cultures, which convey information and ideas. The word “family” means a social institution, the cells of which are reproduced and maintained.

Through the family, generations replace each other. The hierarchy of family values often is maintained. The first item in the list of values of the United States is the most important in the system of moral values, and the one of them is love.

The category of people living in the family is constantly changing. The richness of bodily wealth is ended, and the material situation is impatiently approaching. The instability of the family, its imbalance, intolerance, impulsiveness, the lack of confidence, and despotism all this is always and everywhere.

One of the constant factors is poverty which, unfortunately, is an integral and immutable attribute of the entire human personality. Because of it, each person can’t or doesn’t consider necessary to accumulate wealth only in the world’s wealth. This characteristic is universal for all countries of the economy, regardless of the level of wages, material well-being, educational opportunities, social protection, family dependence, kinship rights, and many other public indicators.

In the context of a market economy, the means of achieving economic growth either accelerates or slows down. In the period of crises, the economy starts growing or stagnates, stops in its progress, then declines again. In times of crisis, the family does not respond to the external pressure and does not expect such a crisis in the future. This is a reason for the constant need for stimulus growth.

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However, there is no reason to expect a crisis in the family.