How to write an analysis of friendship essay?

How to write an analysis of friendship essay?

Analytical essay provides an analysis of social interaction, observing the characteristics and dynamics of certain social processes:

  • motion to some extent the accumulation of energy, qualities, and skills of a person;
  • organization of internal resources: social work, communication, education, work, etc.;
  • communication, collaboration, etc.;
  • education and upbringing, the socialization of a person.
  • The characteristics recognized as important must necessarily be taken into account while starting a friendship essay.

    The study of friendship, its social and psychological characteristics, some similarities and differences in the structure of consciousness and behavioral processes, motives and feelings of the partner may be considered in the essay on friendship.

    The level of awareness of own uniqueness is higher. In philosophical terminology, the term “unique” means the consciousness and the state of the phenomenon in question (whatever it is called). For example, it may be said that the idea of friendship is the prisoner of the individual, the very idea of which is presented in the phrase “We must not be lovers of our enemies ” (a common fact many people also call murder or love in this terminology).

    The prisoner of friendship is the most general category of person, the most complex category. The range of misconceptions and illusions about the relationships of the individual, the subject of these perceptions is tremendous. All this is unthinkable in the environment of the individual, and this is how people understand their relationships. Emotions and feelings, especially compassion and emotional, are not valid, which makes the communication very painful and disappointing, almost always, at the first glance.

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    Psychologists note that the primary “soul” of friendship is the unfiltered feelings which the individual experiences in relation to another person, the basis of which is self-respect. A person understands his behavior, attitudes, values and is aware of the fact that his friend is also a person.

    The primary “soul” of friendship is the intellectual and volitional needs of the individual. To the extent to which the individual satisfies these needs, the relationship between him and his friend is about the same intensity as between the objects of his perception, the principles of their interaction are preserved. In other words, the inner needs of the individual and his friend are equal.

    Volitional needs of the individual are the obstacles which prevent him from using the full potential of the environment, the mechanisms of mutual service which should ensure adequate and complete fulfillment of his needs, including the provision of assistance, communication, and partner development.

    Therefore, it should be stated in friendship essay conclusion that, for a certain period of time, friendly relations can last a lifetime. The most common is the case with young people who have been friends since the school. A young person can spend a lifetime thinking “How I wish to meet my friend.”

    Of course, various types and forms of relations may be found in any social group regardless of the educational institution and the type of work. However, they are distinguished by a certain period of life. The types and forms of interpersonal relationships known among the children of the common family coincide with the core values of the community.

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    The core family is a unit of values and the most important aspect of the spiritual life of the individual. This is one of the most important social institutions. The relationship between the child and parents is established on the basis of mutual trust and love.

    The community establishes a common mode of interpersonal relations. The degree of integration and mutual understanding of each other is higher than the level of individual-group relations, and the level of communication between the recipients of these values is higher.

    In the core group, psychological, social and psychological characteristics of the participants are found. The degree of their sensitivity to other people’s thoughts and feelings is greater than the level of self-esteem of a person by the end of the work on such paper. The child’s need for attention is greater than the needs of the individual. The child thinks about the event that happened during his last summer holidays, and this attracts attention and energy.

    The summer is a time of the most intense group life and emotional communication with peers. Adolescents feel a strong pull towards a common language with others. This is why they speak in summer terms. The communication is usually so intense that the actualization of the language is not completed until the child speaks with the native language.

    The preparation of the child’s birthday paper is related to the life of the family. It is the creation of a feast – a kind of celebration held among the relatives. The main thing is that all the important decisions are taken during the festive period.

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    Since the child does not speak with his parents directly, this period is characterized by the absence of contact with the parents, which, in turn, leads to the manifestation of the need for communication with someone, even without any familial relationships.