How to write an analysis of friendship?

How to write an analysis of friendship?

This technique is widely used in psychology. A principal method is based on a subjectivity of judgment. As a rule, in order to argue, it is enough to consider a friend’s character and attitude towards some interests. This method can be considered as analogous to subjective opinion.

An example of argumentative essay on friendship for students

Given in essay format, it is easy to teach students to think logically, to argue and analyze information. But the most important thing that a student should always do is to explain to them what it means for them: friendship is a communication of individuals, which helps them to realize the most important thoughts and feelings.

How to start friendship essay?

It is first necessary to indicate the importance of friendship in social psychology. Through intimacy with others, a person finds out things about the world which were not known before.

How to start a friendship essay?

It is best to start with this question.

Friendship is a kind of interpersonal interaction which arises under the condition of common values, and which is often represented in tasks and activity plans which will help to solve specific problems. Together, we make a common life. But we also know that friendship can be intense, short-lived, and volatile. This is exactly the reason why so many teachers and parents ask students to write about friendship on friendship day.

Certainly, different minds need to be formed. But the main thing that they all need to have is an idea of own personality. It is based on the knowledge of the individual’s repertory positions, the inner needs, the ability to speak correctly, developing the necessary knowledge and skills.

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According to the thinkers, in friendship, the actual coincidence or disparity of individual traits is less important than their perception: the features which the friends attribute to each other, the ways in which the feelings manifest themselves, their own behavior and attitude towards each other, their attitude towards the society, the special characteristics of such friends, etc.

The interpretation of friendship in the modern concept is also somewhat different from the European one. Friendship is considered as something that can last a lifetime. It is not only inclined to confession but also extremely emotional. Emotionality is expressed not so much in words and phrases as in the characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies which the friend applies to the feelings of other person.

Psychologically, the characteristic emotion of friendship is analogous to the sensation which a person experiences in the course of communication. The friend is always with the subject of communication, and this is absolutely inevitable moment. No matter how agonizing it may be, within a short period of time, you will quite surely understand that, whatever you should do, you will never be alone.

Despite the fact that everyone is supposed to be able to love, work, and support a person in a difficult moment, some people actually consider friendship a destructive weapon which should be withdrawn into the inner world. Indeed, friendship is often perceived as an intimate, individual relationship in which the partner is constituted. But the real basis of this perception is the person’s need for the other person, the ability to share the pain and suffering of another person, the ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of the other person, the ability to share the grief and joys of another person.

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In this regard, the definition of friendship also means the experience of communication which is quite different from the perception of fellow students. The friend is a person who provides the emotional and psychological support, increases the level of cooperation. Due to this, he can exist side by side with the depressed, lonely or aggressive individual.

Geometry of friendship

Physicist Friedrich Engels proposed in a theory of friendship that the following conditions are typical for friendship:

  • Such a thing as a “friend” is formed and becomes a habit.
  • The relationship is usually characterized by a high degree of cohesion, mutual service and desire to help.
  • In the case of true friendship, this is a highly individual, highly individual with many members.
  • High level of satisfaction with the partner.
  • A high level of life satisfaction with the surrounding world.
  • What is a “friend”?

    The word “friend” is almost identical. The subjective perception of someone is carried out in the process of communication with others. As a rule, when people talk about themselves, they are surrounded by other people, and this fact has a positive impact on the concept of friendship. The closer people are to each other, the more this feeling is preserved.

    People often describe fictional characters. Think about how you see friends and what role they have in your life.

    How to understand that you should like someone?

    The concept of “friend” is often used in the simplest and most superficial manner. To illustrate, it is a short form of communication in which the speaker and the listeners enjoy listening to each other’s stories.