How to write an analysis of poverty and unemployment essay

How to write an analysis of poverty and unemployment essay

It is crucial to understand the importance of poverty and its impending doom. The period of their appearance determines the development of both the individual and the collective psyche. In this regard, it is crucial to maintain a sense of responsibility, especially for the younger generation.

From the material on the planet, we can distinguish three stages of the development of the personality in the process of impoverishment:

  • The initial stage is the emergence of poverty, which manifests itself in the process of adaptation to the world of economic inequality.
  • Then, due to the movement of people from the low class to the middle class, the level of income and living standards of the middle class increases.
  • The second stage is the transformation of the collective psyche, the anger of the masses against the upper class. The sources of income are intermediate materials, and the middle class is forced to work harder than it was before.
  • In the process of economic change, the appeal to the middle class is permitted, so, even before the onset of the crisis, the share of the middle class in the population should have reached a certain level of the development. Then the process of economic transition from the individual to the public consciousness will be more rapid, and the process of accumulation of wealth will be more rapid.

    The middle class is a social institution, the highest class in the society. The function of the middle class is to keep the social institution of the ruling elite in place, and to ensure that it maintains its position in the social hierarchy, i.e. the status of the dominant social position.

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    Due to the widespread participation of the middle class in economic activity, the social identity of some members of the middle class may be seen as a “national institution”, an “organization” that performs a number of functions (the function of the institution being a center of culture, the backbone of the state, the gateway to spiritual life, etc.).

    There are many myths about the middle class in the social press and other literatures, and the first is about the “natural” increase in labor. In reality, there is no such thing. The middle class is not a social group, but a part of the population, because it is naturally organized. The social functions of the middle class are the functions of the economy, the adjustment of the results of social activity through the institutions of social value.

    So, using the social class structure as the basis for the income inequality essay, you may consider such issues as the distribution of incomes, the role of the middle class in the social hierarchy, political processes, and so on. In any case, despite the improvements in the material situation, the middle class will always be at the center of attention.

    In Europe, the ideal standard of living is represented by a middle class that is above the middle class on the social ladder. When a person gets below the middle class, he begins to experience difficulties in maintaining the family, loses self-esteem and starts to be ashamed for the shortcomings of his position in the family. Such factors lead to the transformation of the concept of the common family, the evolution of the concept of marriage, parental responsibility, professional interests, household activities, moral issues, domestic problems, child abuse, and racism in the family.

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    In the family, the real power of the marriage is the sense of the unity of the inner world of the spouses – a unique opportunity to have own offsprings, to own the husband and wife. Thus, the knot of marital ties is not just a way to survive but also a way to create something. The inner world of the spouses is the matrix of the most important parts of the relationship. The level of the connection between spouses is higher, the types of conflicts, instances of cruelty, injustice, and therefore, the lessening of the traditional family as a motherly family.

    So, the traditional image of the ideal family (a “double life”) is increasingly called family. The psychological profile of the ideal family is based on the complex set of contradictions which conveys the complexity of the transformations that the couple experiences in the process of adaptation to each other. Thus, the image of a perfect spouse is highly attractive to the crowd of students who have access to the Internet.

    Information for essays about family values

    The family way of life is spread and affirmed practically in all peoples as they reach the appropriate level of development. Adhering to it, a person is able to most optimally satisfy his sustainable life-determining needs (both physical and moral) thereby liberating the maximum of time and vital energy for the spiritual perfection and self-realization.

    The main form of the family is marriage – the union of a man and a woman concluded in the established manner and aimed at creating of a strong relationship, the adoption of mutual benefit.

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    Indicate in a “what is family” essay that this concept is not identical with marriage.