How to write an analysis of social justice

How to write an analysis of social justice

The concentration of power is at the heart of the European social concept, its ideal form which is embodied, so to speak, in the project of American civilization. The United States, the leader of this country in the moral and ideological spheres, takes one of the leading roles in the establishment of social justice.

In the Catholic church, the Bible was not considered as a liberating force. The Bible was considered as a commandment, an example, the will of a humble and humble people. The church conducted a system of moral education for the new generations. The person who fulfilled this role was able to create wealth only for himself.

But the Bible does not speak about the humanism in the sense of the word. The word “homosexuality” is understood as the desire for sexual contact. At the same time, the intentional and illegal sexual contact between persons of the same sex, with the purpose of acquiring or obtaining access to the intimate contact, is regarded as a religious sanction of celibacy, for the ends sake of which a person is guilty, not only of immoral acts but also of a criminal act.

Information for social work with homosexuals

Homosexuality is a complex phenomenon. Its understanding and imitation are revealed in the works of Sigmund Freud, Freud studies, mental processes of Julie Kam and others. At the end of the twentieth century, the word and concept of “homosexuality” was used in more than 100 scientific works. The author of such works was thorough in his investigations, made a great contribution to the development of ideas about sexual orientation, and in 1929, the concept of “family” was first systematically introduced in the works of Will Hays. Will Hays is considered the founder of the concept of homosexuality, and, besides, he is very famous for his ideas about the subject.

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The most outstanding work on homosexuality is The Intelligent Woman” (1932), by the English writer Francis Bacon. Scientists had to eliminate most of the objections to this concept. Based on the results of a survey, it was concluded that the probability of a woman’s attraction for the offender was about 1/15. This indicator is very close to the threshold of the norm of sexual orientation. The values of our time are very high. The provocative and boundaryless “I do not know what I really feel” of a sexual orientation leads to the fact that we do not yet have only one interpretation of the phenomenon of sexual orientation but also a number of interpretations, and they are often so narrow that the applicability of the concepts of sexual orientation is also limited only with the order of magnitude of the continuum of human sexuality.

Like many other researchers in the world, Ferlinius (Carpenter & Hilliard, 2005, p. 1095) saw the “distinctive” nature of sexual orientation and the “chromatic” nature of the mind in the field of sexual orientation. The latter are characterized by low vulnerability to stress and are easy to become victims of the “male gap”, i.e. the lack of knowledge or ideas about how to deal with someone who makes your life terrible. The cause of the inferiority of the intellect is the function of the male brain – a shield of masculinity.

The task of the psychodynamic philosophy is the study of the manifestation of the person’s need for all the particulars of the relationship between partners in the group meant for interpersonal communication. It is usually understood as the cognitive need for the knowledge of interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal need is the power of a person’s need for connection with another person, their perception of own personality. Due to the high complexity of interpersonal relationships, the transition from interpersonal to intra-group processes is relatively easy, and the process of transition from collective to separating meaning is relatively pleasant. At the same time, the change in the orientation of interpersonal behavior is quite significant in the experience of the individual.

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However, the complex nature of interpersonal relationships and the multitude of relationships, the abundance of variation in the nature of interpersonal relationships, the variability in the degree of their processing, their influence on the psychological properties and qualities of interpersonal relationships, the general pattern is preserved. The approach to relationships between people is not identical with the idea of the nature of interpersonal violence. The objective circumstances and patterns of interpersonal violence do not disappear at all. On the contrary, they are increased. The phenomenon of bullying is particularly noticeable in groups of people with whom the offender has close emotional contact. The amount of aggression of such families remains significant. In addition, experts study groups of people with whom they have emotional contact. This is one of the most significant characteristics of interpersonal violence.

Psychological experts point out that, in addition to the objective circumstances, there is a socio-cultural context to the interaction of children and adolescents at families.