How to write an analysis of the US income inequality?

How to write an analysis of the US income inequality?

The topic of the essay on income inequality is that the American economy is becoming more and more global each year. In the past years, it has made enormous strides all over the world. The gap between rich and poor classes has widened considerably, the number of those who stand in the middle class has increased. But the process of economic progress has not been accompanied by a fundamental change in the class structure of the United States. In this regard, it is possible to say that the pattern of income inequality is due to the color of the skin, the religion which the person professes, the native language and so on.

Let us take the wage as an example. The Western European countries have become richer at the expense of the workers. This phenomenon does not need to be explained in a thesis on income inequality in the United States. The fact that the workers get a certain amount of money different from the rich does not mean that the society is ready to embrace all members of the working class. In the essay on income inequality, you may push forward the following thesis: the ideals of humanism in the United States are being transformed today. The scale of the salaries of the middle class often becomes the rule of the middle class, and the possibilities of domination over it in the future were determined.

Wages and pensions are not enough to meet the basic needs of the population. The gap between rich and poor citizens has widened considerably, the trend of income inequality has accelerated. In the past several years, the wages have grown from 56% to 73% in comparison with a year earlier. The pension system has become inadequate, which in some countries has led to a general decline in pension payments. Another factor is the transformation of the attitude of the society to legal regulation, increased scrutiny on the activities of officials, but in general, the process of change is good.

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Sometimes, the policies of governments are found to have a correlation with income inequality. Take the example of the United States, which, in the 50-60s, began from a middle class country. Then, the entire population was divided into two classes: the rich and the poor.

The changes in the attitude of society to land ownership are manifested, in particular, in the transformation of the function of the whole society, the application of the commons, their use in the realization of the goal and character of the country, the transition of the distribution of people, roles, and material means.

The main positive effect is the increase in the breadth and deepening of the financial and economic sphere, the transition from the principle of social responsibility (notional) to the principle of openness and justice.

The problems of population aging are directly related to the transformation of the function of the whole society in the process of increasing its wealth. The change in the value system of the population leads to a certain decrease in the number of older people – the so-called “silent” lower class.

However, in the process of population aging, the supply of certain resources declines, the population is divided into families and groups, each of which has its own characteristics. The composition of the population can vary radically for different age groups. The older the population, the fewer members of it are.

As a rule, the population is a younger group. The people are inclined to youth, so their mortality is soon to be exhausted.

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Mention in aging population research paper that the overpopulation of the elderly, which, however, does not always have a dramatic effect on the population. Writing the essay on population, you may find the following thesis: in the case of the reduction of infant mortality to a minimum level, the population, although losing its natural capacity, nevertheless retains significant population nonetheless.

The population, though, is not a completely new group of people. It does not consist of immigrants and barely employs the consumers of alcohol, cigarettes and alcohol. So, while estimating the number of people aging, you may find in the course of this study group several types of definitions of this concept:

  • Medieval transition, i.e. the destruction of old people as a rule.
  • Emphasize in societal aging essay that the contemporary population is a mixture of two older and younger groups. The process of population aging is usually preceded by the process of population growth and the process of decline in the birth rate, especially among women.

  • The second part of the population is the future, the generations born during the last baby boom (1946-1964). They will provide the future population. However, the population of young people is often very small, and therefore, the cause of population decline among teenagers is not so much an increase in the number of young people as a decrease in the number of children.
  • The third major group is a type of group that is called “chronic” in the United States.