how to write an argumentative essay on bullying?

how to write an argumentative essay on bullying?

In an argumentative essay, you have to take a debatable stance on an issue. Most, if not all, people agree that bullying is bad, so that would not be an acceptable position to take. Why not? The stance is not debatable because most people agree.

For this topic, you should focus on a specific policy or action to take against bullying. While most agree that bullying is bad, there are many different proposed solutions. This is where you can find disagreement, and where you find disagreement, you can find a good, debatable thesis.

You can do some preliminary research on the topic, but be careful. Do not plagiarize. Just do a little reading to see what kinds of solutions people are proposing so you can find a positon which sounds reasonable to you.

In your body paragraphs, think of two major reasons why this solution will work. Write topic sentences that highlight the major reason and explain all of the details in the rest of the paragraph.

This is important. In the third body paragraph, write about the opposite side of the argument. State one major reason why people disagree with your solution. But you cannot stop there. Think of weaknesses in the opposite argument and attack. Don’t sound extreme, give respect to their opinions, but coolly explain why their argument does not work against your solution. You solution is stronger. Tell the reader why.

You want to take a stance in this essay. Explain why your stance is strong. Tell us what the other side says against your stance. Then tell us why the other side’s opinion still fails in the face of your stance.