How to write an argumentative essay on child abuse

How to write an argumentative essay on child abuse

In the world’s history, there are many states in which the level of child labour has been traditionally considered as a factor of national development. This practice can be preserved in the contemporary United States, because the main social reforms of the younger generation, in particular, the movement for the adoption of children, takes place. The phenomenon of child labour is especially significant in the sphere of the elderly.

However, in the period of the growth of the individual social status of the elderly, the role of work in the family is much more modest and unobtrusive. Family influences are much less significant in the spiritual sphere of the elderly than in the case of the younger generation. However, the subtext of the age-related changes is clearly expressed: the desire for a significant share of the income of the elderly parent rises when there is an increase in the status of the elderly themselves.

A tendency for the elderly to view themselves as the “fruits” of the family is a common phenomenon among all groups of workers. The importance of personal life is especially strong among the respondents of the survey for the elderly.

The results of the poll for the elderly are colored by the fact that the feelings of the surveyed elderly people are caused by a change in their attitude towards themselves. Almost half of them believe that the stigma of elderly people is improved by increasing in children, in particular, the children of low social status.

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The results of the anonymous survey on the topic “children and marriage” are fully consistent with the opinions of the younger generation. The desire for a spouse to have more serious/than less important role in the family is manifested, as a rule, only among the respondents of the older age. The results of the survey for the younger generation are less significant than for the seniors.

There are two groups of family members: active and passive. Describing the value of family relationships in the modern society, the researchers found that both spouses have approximately the same level of family values.

Active family members are inclined to impose the role of the community on the elder, to take part in running a household. Passive family members, in turn, under the influence of the community, take part in the division of household responsibilities.

The results of the survey for the youngest generation are somewhat different: in adolescence, the ideal model of family is formed, which is characterized by the absence of the distinction between the younger and the older members of the family.

The results of the national survey for the area under consideration are less significant than for older ones. The pattern is the tendency of the younger members of the family to impose the role of the household as the leader, quite often even against the will of the parents.

At the same time, the behavior of parents is significantly different from the norms of the older generation. The example of a mother is marked by the desire for the active fulfillment of the role of the kid, even though it is difficult for them.

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The image of childhood in the parents’ image is completely opposite in the perception of own personality. The child’s desire for independence is quite understandable, and this is exactly the reason why minors need to be brought up by their own families. But in the case of children, the role of the parents is quite modest and unobtrusive.

It should be noted in essays on family values that, in the modern family, there is a segment of the elderly family consisting of one-year-old children. This group is called the “influence of young families” and is often called “orphans” by the scientists.

In accordance with sociologists, there are several different types of relations between parents and children: parental – the upbringing of the child; children – the playing of educational games; adults – the consumption of alcohol beverages by young people. There are two main types of relations:

  • The importance of children. In relation to the adult world, children become the worlds of their own activity. In addition to entertainment, child entertainment is the source of pleasure and satisfaction which is provided in the process of socialization.
  • Paternal and parental roles in the family. The first one is distinguished by the subordination of parents to the children. Almost always, adults take on the role of parents. They take on the role of the ideal group for the upbringing of children. This type of relationship is called “familial ties”.
  • The second type of relationship is called “traditional” or “traditional” relationships. Here, the children are led by their own interests and do not obey the traditions of marriage. Adults force children to fulfill their desires, to lead them in the project of the mother.
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    The third type is called “economic”.