How to write an army essay?

How to write an army essay?

A state of mind is formed and develops by training. As a rule, an army is composed of two elements: ground and air force. An army is capable of maintaining sovereignty and integrity, preventing invasion and maintenance of foreign forces and safeguarding sovereignty.

Most often, soldiers are motivated by a desire to avoid responsibility. In the world’s history, it is associated with fighting for independence and defending one’s own dignity. The main life goals of a soldier are survival and freedom.

So, an army is a institution that ensures a given statehood in the consciousness of the soldier. The concept of the army is quite obvious: the army is a created and maintained force that exists practically for any country in the world.

A number of rights related to the army appear in the system of international law. They are established by the Convention on the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen, adopted in 1956. However, the main goal of the armed forces is to defend sovereignty, integrity, and independence, as well as the ability to carry out limited military operations, as well as actions in the performance of other lawful actions caused by war, revolution, and fascist actions.

These definitions of the word “army” existing in the UN Charter. The article first of them, adopted in 1945, was intended for the United States. At the same time, the definitions of the term “air force” existing in the UN Charter are very vague.

In general, the slow-developing of the concept of the army concept was caused by the activity of English and French philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Diderot and others. They put forward a number of important thoughts that changed the idea of what the world should be like.

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For example, the concept of civil society appeared. The division of powers into administrative, governmental, legislative and judicial was proposed by Montesquieu. And within the framework of these philosophical doctrines, a new understanding of human has emerged. So, this significant period should be mentioned in your freedom of speech and censorship essay.

In the western world, the idea of a democratic state was relatively new. Only in the late XIX century, it became really popular. The authors of philosophical works believe that government is the most important thing in the social sphere. It determines its forms and the ways of their practice, the quality of their citizens.

In the economic field, the distinction between state and free-market economy has become more significant. It is still considered the main instrument of control over the results of economic activity. But the state, a cumbersome mechanism, does not have the results that a free market has. It is a flexible structure which constantly adapts to changes. Thus, it is not enough to change the amount of working force overnight.

The state, by its nature, is based on a social contract between rulers and governed people. Many changes have occurred in it, including the introduction of rapidly rising services, the provision of social insurance and social services, the work of the domestic and foreign corporations, the relaxation of property values, the expansion of working hours, etc.

Moreover, the state is based on a system of checks and balances that ensures the optimal allocation of working force, especially in critical situations. The internal regulations are subject to regulation by the state legislature.

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So, it may be stated in essays on social inequality that, in addition to the differences between social classes, there are many other reasons for social inequality: the equality of opportunities in the social structure of society, the level of wages, public services and so on.

In the process of economic stratification, the working forces are gradually moved from the lower strata to the middle class. Now, the standard of the middle class is higher than the salaries of the lowest class. The wages are higher, the distance between the middle class and the lower one is narrowed, the trend of their movement in favour of the labor market is more rapid.

There are trends in the movement of the working force out of the middle class. The process of social mobility is strongly mediated by changes in the structure of the labor market, in the composition of the labor force is more rapid, the rate of unemployment is more than 8 times higher than the average.

There are changes in the social and professional composition of the population’s working force, their attitude towards the development of the economy, in its influence on the social sphere, etc. Among these are the following trends: in the future, the labor force will be used to meet the daily needs of the population, to engage in group social activity, etc.

In the cultural sphere, the middle class is the custodian and distributor of values, norms, traditions, laws of society. Also, it is the source of cadres of officials and managers of different ranks – both for the state apparatus and for business. Self-regulation of civil society is based on the activity of representatives of the middle class too.