How to write an ecological effects of consuming culture essay?

How to write an ecological effects of consuming culture essay?

Ecosystems are places where people live in harmony with nature. They are both dependent on nature and highly exposed to disturbances. Therefore, it is one of the main structures of the daily environment. The first impression is the most profound. At the same time, the stabilization of the ecosystem is one of the main goals of the urban poor.

In order to achieve it, a person must have a sense of responsibility, which is expressed in the concept of social responsibility. He must have the opportunity to pay attention to own appearance, exercise self-control and even love. But such qualities are also associated with certain responsibilities.

The modern person has to make certain steps to improve the situation. The first step is to start thinking about the environment he has created, the second one – to start thinking about the habits of production and distribution of any products.

It is important to begin with the image of the city as a natural environment. As a rule, it is difficult for a person to describe their city from a positive perspective without mentioning its shortcomings. It is also necessary to mention the limitations you faced in creating the city, its history and current state of things.

  • The means of production of energy, materials, and tools depend on the level of the canal of ideas, the level of the understanding of the nature of human and his surrounding environment. In different epochs, the definition of the environment was very vague and, moreover, sometimes completely absent, which is associated with the development of civilization.

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    The term “urban” first sounded in the XIX century. At the same time, it was an abstraction, which, however, began to evolve into a tangible object. Efficiency of production and distribution of population was enhanced. The population, which, in turn, was enlarged. The social body became one of the most important elements of the economy. In other words, this process was repeated several times.


    In many respects, modern society is already an example of a more developed stage of the development of the human race. In the period of the industrial revolution, its role was to transform the world economic hierarchy, to increase the status of the middle class and to identify the limits to the successful development of the world economy.

    The first urbanism is connected with the experience of the earlier, social and racial processes which may be described in essays on the social identity in modern society. The forms of its existence were determined by the level of the productive forces development.

    If you write “How to achieve the American Dream?” essay, the following idea should be mentioned in the course of the essay writing: the American Dream is a historical idea of America, its ideal future arising in the process of merger and ascendancy of the democratic forces.

    Modern researches show that the American Dream loses its popularity. The ideas of the unification and prosperity of US society, the guarantee of freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly, idea of a country that may become an example for the whole world are being transformed today. In many ways, they are already turned into the idea of “American exclusiveness”. There are various arguments in support of this conclusion.

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    At the beginning of the twentieth century, the notion of “American exclusiveness” became widely used by social scientists in an attempt to explain the reasons for the weak spread of radical ideas among the American working class. The scientific community was actively seeking an answer to the question: why the United States is the only industrialized country in which a significant socialist movement has not been observed?

    This problem bothered many researchers, because, according to Marx, more developed country shows less developed ones the image of their future. Proceeding from this logic, US had to become the strongest socialist country.

    At the very beginning of the last century, the German socialist, sociologist Werner Sombart published a book titled “Why Is There No Socialism in the United States?” In 1927, Jay Lovestone, Secretary General of the Communist Party of the United States (later, an ardent anti-communist and CIA agent), defined “American exclusiveness” only as gradual increase in the strength and stability of capitalism, which prevented the socialist revolution in America. In 1929, Joseph Stalin, unwilling to accept the fact that America is resistant to social revolutions, called Lovestone’s ideas nothing more than heresy.

    Supporters of US exclusiveness say that America is a “special case”.