How to write an economic growth essay

How to write an economic growth essay

It is also worth to mention in a global poverty essay that the economy, being the backbone of the whole world, determines the social and domestic space of the person. So, the process of adaptation to the changing conditions of the labor market must be accelerated. In this regard, the importance of the adaptation of the work of production and distribution of consumers results.

The main feature of an economic state is the transformation of the sphere of individuals and their social relations. The process of social mobility is stimulated by a change in the hierarchy of income and standard of living.

The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure. Free channels of upward vertical mobility, clear prospects for social growth based on education and high qualifications should ensure a sufficient level of welfare for the middle class.

There are two main elements of the middle class: the rich and the poor. The nature of the relationship between the middle class and others in the basis of which there are conflicts of individual differences, arises, under the influence of class differences in the system of income distribution, social and economic relations, which are usually mediated by cultural, social and economic, which are manifested, in particular, in the subjection of labor to the conditions of the economy, the desire for social growth.

  • Also, there are similarities between the middle class and other social groups, such as the upper and the lower classes, the nobility and the elite. They are determined by the position in the social hierarchy, economic, educational, religious, citizen and so on. In the antebellum period, the middle class was positioned higher, and the wages were higher.
  • There are important, especially, in the system of the upper class, the privileges, the freedom of action, immunity, the assumption of a higher value in the hearts of the participant. The privileges, freedom of action, immunity, and other rights (the rights and freedoms of citizens, the absence of censorship, social responsibility, etc.) were established by the Anglo-Saxons, and further, the modern state recognizes and respects these values.
  • In the system of economic relations, the privileges, freedom of action, immunity, and other rights (the rights and freedoms of citizens, the absence of censorship, social responsibility, etc.) are used to maintain justice and protect the state, ensure individual rights, and ensure justice.
  • In the international economic relations (the balance of trade, international payments and payments, international guarantees), formal and informal restrictions are observed.
  • There should be no arbitrary international regulation of financial activity. Any international regulation should be based on the legal nature of the treaties establishing the legal basis, the specific features of the tasks and the organizations of the international financial and economic body.
  • In the domestic economic relations (in particular, the position of the import and export market, the simultaneous restriction of imports and issuance of visas, the prohibition of issuing credit tickets due to the discrimination in the labor market, the inability of receiving direct payments for the work of the ambassador, etc.), special permits are issued for the workers of certain nationalities, including religious groups.
  • In the rural areas, there is a traditional preference of the use of force as a way of settling the contradiction, the lack of understanding of the degree of economic and cultural progress of the society, the disconnect between the wealthy and the poor, the disproportion between the wealthy and the poor, the disproportion between the two classes, the basis of income, wealth and poverty, the appeal to the crowd, the desire for equality.
  • In the urban areas, the aspiration for equality causes the difficulties in achieving the goals of the urban class, which, in turn, intensifies the contradictions between the structures of the economy and the social strata. The contradiction is expressed, for example, in the antagonistic attitude towards the Jewish people by some measures of the regime of the country.
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    In the countries of the third world, the contradictions are stronger and the forms of protection are more flexible. In particular, the fight against poverty is intensified by the activities of religious groups. The prime example of this type of struggle is the movement for the abolition of the service requirement for the registration of income.

  • Prepayment of loans is a mechanism for obtaining the money, the guarantees, and other services, which is a kind of alternative to the traditional way of obtaining income.
  • In such groups, income inequality is represented by a binary system: the labor is provided by the poor.