How to write an economic growth essay?

How to write an economic growth essay?

Before you start working on the essay, you have to mind the following points:

  • The economy is a globally and constantly evolving system. Its core is the economy, which varies radically for different cultures and states.
  • The principle of “self-determination” is widely applied in politics, economics, energy and many other spheres of human life. The economy determines the social and domestic space of the person.
  • There are many theoretical and practical aspects of the economy. Let us give a small example in order to understand what you need to write in the paper.
  • The main law of money is its ability to combine several sources of income from different sources of income.
  • In the market, the percentage of consumers who received the maximum share of free time and resources, i.e. the total share of free resources. The share of the middle class in the national income is lower than in other parts of the population. In the domestic sector, the lower the taxes, the less payments (on average, taxes are 3.6%). But the society as a whole pays increased attention to the opportunity to earn the living, to create wealth only for themselves.
  • To make money, the middle class invests funds in real estate, liquid assets.
  • In the cultural sphere, the middle class is the custodian and distributor of values, norms, traditions, laws of society. Also, it is the source of cadres of officials and managers of different ranks – both for the state apparatus and for business. Self-regulation of civil society is based on the activity of representatives of the middle class too. This role is called the function of the administrative-executive regulator.
  • The activity of representatives of the middle class in the sphere of legal regulation, regulatory bodies, public organizations, mechanisms, software processes, etc.
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    In order to identify the middle class, along with the size of incomes, their structure should be taken into account. The prevalence of some source of income in the household budget means a certain social status or place in the social hierarchy.

    The following pattern can be traced in an income inequality research: the labor receipts dominate in the structure of the incomes of the middle class. Work activity determines the social status of representatives of this stratum. Unlike the elite groups, the share of income from property is lower, and, unlike poor groups, the share of social benefits is lower.

    The influence of social belonging is manifested, in particular, in the different attitude of representatives of social groups to certain types of activity, the conditions and content of labor. Participating in the social division of labor, representatives of the middle class use their professional and qualification potential based on a high level of education.

    The structure of household expenditures also can play the important role as a criterion for the identification of various social groups, since there are laws linking income and consumption in the modern society. The structure of household spending is most sensitive to changes in the ratio of income to prices for specific goods.

    It’s worth stating in wealth inequality essay that, in the broad sense, the middle class refers to 60% of the population. This group has the incomes above the poverty line but not belongs to the richest strata. Since middle class is very heterogeneous in terms of level and structure of income, expenditure and consumption, composition by sex and age, it’s obvious that only a part of this group can be defined as a “classical” middle stratum.

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    Controversial theoretical approaches to income inequality essay topics

    The topic of the unequal influence of money and the lack of political rights opened up great theoretical and practical opportunities for the latter. The case opened the flood of criticism on the part of the general public and served as a stage for the rise of a new sense of self-respect in the hearts of the participants.

    The theorists of the free-market economics tried to answer the question of how to prevent inequality. Their methods often completely depended on the accuracy of the definitions of poverty, and therefore, for the first time, the notion of the middle class was treated inaccurately.

    In the process of over-provisionalism, some aspects of the economic structure of the poorest strata became ambiguous. The following details should be taken into account while considering the essays on income inequality:

  • In the broad sense, the term “middle class” means a part of society that occupies a position in the social hierarchy on the basis of income, wealth and social mobility.