How to write an English paper?

How to write an English paper?
I’m writing an essay on the topic of
“Why is studying a foreign language interesting to you? How might you use this experience in future study or a career?”
I have no clue how to write an essay! Can somebody give a basic outline of the structure of an essay? I’m having a really hard time getting my ideas in order and having them make sense.

Ok, so an essay should have 5 paragraphs, an intro, 3 body paragraphs then a conclusion. Th introduction paragraph should start with a creative opening or hook. This could be a question or a famous quote, basically anything to get the readers attention. Then have a little bit of information on the hook.(This part should have nothing to do with your essay YET.) Then have a thesis statement. This has to be an idea that controls the whole essay.

Next, your three body paragraphs has to have a topic sentence which is the idea of the paragraph. Then an actual fact then your opinion on it. you should have 2 or 3 for every body paragraph.

Lastly, in your conclusion, restate the thesis but change it around so your not copying it word for word. Then briefly sum up all 3 of your body paragraphs in like 2 to 3 sentences. Then answer this question: So What?Why is your opinion significant tor why should the reader care?

I hope this helps. 🙂