how to write an essay?

how to write an essay?
i tolly forget how to write an essay. and mostly what goes in the intro and conclusion?

Here is an easy way to write an essay (for grade 10-11 level)

1. a Hook: Grab the readers attention. Try using a quote, a bold statement, or a question.
2. Outline your major points. Don’t go into detail, just let the reader know what the each of your body paragraphs will be about.
3. Your Thesis statement. This is the purpose of your essay.

Body Paragraphs
Each body paragraph should include
1. A topic sentence (Like a mini-thesis for each paragraph)
2. A statement about what you are trying to say
3. Relevant evidence to support your statement

Your conclusion needs to recap what you have just written.
1. Restate your thesis
2. Restate your main points
3. Close with another powerful statement.

Hope this helps!