How to write an essay?

How to write an essay?
This is my first time writing an essay and I don’t know how to start it.. My topic is about an education need to talk their cause and effect.. Can someone tell me about how can I write it.. My teacher wanna us to write 3 paragraphs.. Thanks for the help 🙂

Divide your essay into three parts, the introduction, the body and the summary. By what you wrote, your teacher may want to see a fairly simple piece, which means only a couple of points.

Your introduction should be able to grab the reader’s attention, often to stir a debate, as that what makes an essay interesting. You may want to start with introductions like:

“The present society no longer regards conventional schools as important institutions that disseminate education, with the increasing availability of sources of knowledge in the virtual universe.”, etc.

Back the claim with a second sentence explaining the first, like:

“Though schools are regarded as useful institutions of integration, its focus on teaching (via the syllabii) and not in ensuring learning outcomes are met means that attention is now shifted upon the students as the key mover of the learning process.”

Your second para should include the relevant facts, such as citations from articles, reports, news etc. This is usually where you spend time doing research. You may find charts and graphs useful to illustrate your points further but remember to keep them succintly valid. Example:

“The 2009 Manchester Education Survey showed that 68 percent of students are no longer dependent on traditional classroom teaching to achieve satisfactory results in their examinations. This figure displayed and increasing trend from 55 percent in 1999 to 60 percent in 2004.”

Last but not least is the summary that reharps the first para, plus a bit more to keep the reader thinking:

“In a nutshell, the growth of the virtual universe may be a reason for the dwindling perception of society in the effectiveness of schools. Perhaps, the education arm of the country have taken notice of this trend and perhaps they are acting on it. Perhaps, it is too late.”

Perhaps you will benefit from this. Good luck in your essay.