How to write an essay…?

How to write an essay…?
I have to write an argument essay for my ENG121 class. i think i want to do gay marriage as the topic. it has to be four to five full pages. im just not sure how to tackle this one or how to get going on it, let alone come up with a thesis to base the paper on

When you write an argument essay, you’re trying to convince the reader that your viewpoint is the right one. The thesis is what you’re arguing. With a topic like gay marriage, it’s pretty simple: you’re either for it or against it. (Well, you could argue for an alternate solution, such as domestic partnership status without actual marriage.)

I guess I’d start with a little story, for example about a gay couple that is committed to each other for life but doesn’t get the benefits that a heterosexual couple would get from marriage. Then give a fact, maybe about the history or about the state of gay marriage today, then give your thesis statement. This should all be done in 1 – 2 paragraphs.

Make a list of pros and cons. For each one, think what someone who disagrees would say against it. The body of your paper will be describing these arguments and saying why they’re right or wrong and which is better. For example, if you were writing against it, you could say that gay couples feel they should be allowed to marry because they are committing themselves to the other person for life, but then say that marriage is a religious institution and the Bible specifically says marriage is between a man and a woman and forbids gay relationships. If you’re writing for gay marriage, you’d note that the Bible is against it but say that it’s not just a religious thing, but a legal arrangement.

To fill up 4 – 5 pages, spend time exploring each issue. Quote the Bible, cite the laws. Discuss the financial and social problems. In other words, inform your reader.

End by summing up your points and restating your thesis.