How to write an essay?

How to write an essay?
I always seem to get stuck for some reason! I feel like I repeat myself on the paragraphs and stuff can someone help me pls subject doesnt really matter im not trying to get someone to do it for me i just need help on how to get better at writing essays..
Subject is if I had to be a kitchen utensil what would I be?

Answer part 1 — Write your essay and
send it to me by e-mail at

and I will edit for you.

Answer part 2 —
— do some brainstorming and write down all your random ideas
(Make use of a word processor so you can easily change things and move them around.)
— organize those ideas into an outline (does not require formal structure) so that you can see what
you have, and add/delete accordingly
— write the essay based on the outline

Answer part 3 —
If I had to be a kitchen utensil I would be a microwave oven
because it’s high-tech and I’m a high-tech kind of guy.
The microwave delivers food-cooking energy in a way no other utensil does.
It floods its cavity with energetic microwave radiation that excites the atoms and
molecules of the food and makes it heat up, thus cooking it from the inside out.
The cooking time can be precisely set, to the second,
Like other heat sources the amount of power can be set to cook vigorously or slowly
but in this case we can know the actual number of watts being applied.
And when it’s done, it stops with a DING! and shuts off completely
so no further power is applied.

That’s me — high tech and precise!