How to write an essay about American Dream

How to write an essay about American Dream

It’s worth noting in “The American Dream is dead” essay that, in the modern form, the phrase “The American Dream” means a whole series of changes, both in the central concept and in the surrounding world. The second change that you may consider in the essay about the American Dream is this: in the 1967-1970s, the notion of “American exclusiveness” became widely used to describe the results of the entire American economic system. The notion of “American exclusiveness” was widely used to talk about the ways in which the United States could improve the quality of its citizens.

So, the central problem in the US is how to ensure fairness and justice, which should be mentioned in essays on the American Dream.

The sample of the American Dream essay

At the end of the last century, it became clear that there are significant differences between the American Dream and the French one. The modern formulation of the American Dream is based on the experience of the exclusiveness of the United States. Many people speak and write about the American Dream, but few are able to trace the factors that gave rise to such a concept as “American exclusiveness”.

So, it is not an exaggeration to say that the American Dream is not a conceptually fixed in the American jurisprudence of the Constitution. It is the result of a process of natural law and social processes which, in particular, were designed to facilitate the transition from the center of the country to the centre of the free world.

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Discord in the system of natural law is accompanied by internal discord. The society is permitted to take some measures specified in its legislation. However, the full implementation of the American Dream requires a multitude of tasks.

The first of them is the colonization of the new lands. The process of colonization is usually preceded by the struggle for the existing borders, which, however, only partially, we will talk about later. The main reason for the lack of desire to expand the territory of the existing borders is the excessive regulation of the country by the federal authorities.

The second task is the establishment of trade unions. The industry of a modern trade union is based on the freedom of intermediate agricultural production, the provision of social insurance for the workers, as well as on the practice of warning. On the basis of these principles, the activity of modern trade unions is based on the interaction of the lower classes and the establishment of social mobility.

Social mobility, as one of the main goals of the social cohesion, encourages the growth of the middle class in the United States. In combination with the improvement of the material situation, the increase in the class of the middle class leads to an increase in its political power.

In the system of economic democracy, the middle class is one of the most important tools for achieving the goals of the social contract between rulers and governed people. Governance requires the activity of representatives of the middle class in the formation of government and the maintenance of democratic institutions. In order to prevent such aspirations, a proper ideology must be formed.

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Associated with the activity of the middle class are the two main ways of increasing the wealth of the majority: qualification and empowerment. Qualified and qualified people perform different types of social functions. Each of them has certain natural rights:, equal treatment, equal opportunities in education and social activity.

The limitation of rights is established in the system of social and economic development, in accordance with the activity of the spheres of control over social resources. In addition, there are restrictions on the entry of children into the labor market, the ability to use child labour (usually from the age of 14-16 years) in a number of sectors, the prohibition of child labour in front of adult labour, etc.

There are quite important transformations which may be described in essays on income inequality: the middle class moves from being a powerful elite to a middle class; the lower class and the upper class join each other in a new stage of the development. Similarly, the balance between the extremes tends to shift from the center to the periphery.

The process of economic stratification has already started (the upper and middle classes rise from being a separate group to being a part of the social structure of society). Perhaps, this process is already at a new stage of differentiation between the middle class and the other social groups.

It may be mentioned in income inequality research paper that the second change in the class structure of the US society takes place now. The break with the elite comes at the stage of the transformation of the entire social system. The entire society is involved in the struggle for the domination of labor, for the provision of material goods and opportunities, including the organization of production.

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The social stratification of Americans has undergone a process of constant change in the last 30 years. The gap in the wages of blue- and white-collar workers has decreased considerably, the growth in the number of high-level jobs has increased. The percentage of people employed in agriculture has increased.