How to write an essay about American Dream?

How to write an essay about American Dream?

It is not at all difficult to find the topic. The question is how to take the one and the problem of American Dream. The history of this problem is one of the greatest works of human thought, and moreover, it is not difficult to find accurate interpretations of the topic. However, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the content of the text. In order to create a truly good essay, you need to know the history of the issue and some interesting facts about the issue. The available information is mainly related to the history of the problem of American Dream, so read about it, visit the library and study the available sources. The information below will be useful for the American Dream research paper.

Historical overview for American Dream essay

The American Dream was originally a religious idea, which, however, turned into a myth in the hearts of the participants. If all the gods of the universe simply disappeared from history, what if they were born again. Certainly, such things happen not only in our time, but also in the period of the founding of civilization. In such cases, it is almost impossible to believe in the existence of God, and all religions are terrible. But since the very word “religion” in its dictionary means “sacrifice”, it is easy to find false religion in an academic dictionary. The term “religion” is most often understood as “the system of religious beliefs and practices”, but it also includes such factors as racism, national chauvinism, obscenity, ambition, populism.

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For the Orthodox Christian church, the Bible prohibited such practices, and Christianity is considered as the only way to preserve the true religion. Describing the role of the American Dream in the religious sense, the church must have approved a position on the problem of human rights. Church institutions were forced to make concessions and give up some of the principles of Christianity. In return, the church developed a system of moral teachings for the living, regulated relations between people.

The church performed many functions: social control, power of church management, establishment of freedom of speech, action, etc. In the system of relations between people, the church played the role of the social interpreter.

In the Roman Empire, the cult of offerings was very high. The god was attached to the throne of Sparta, and natural law, i.e. the lack of compulsion, was given in favor of particular classes. The upper class of the ruling elite shares the benefits of the state under the conditions of state control. The lower class uses the services of the state only in cases of necessity. It therefore is not accidental that, in the period of the American Dream, the idea of “thepublic good” and the state as a whole was deeply developed in the social consciousness of the American Founding Fathers.

The role of the American Dream in the history of social change for the American Dream essay

The century of the American Dream was characterized by the rapid changes in the quality of social values of the United States. The main goal of the individual was to serve his neighbor, the community as a whole. It was high time, especially for the women – a significant increase in their number were among them. In this regard, the role of the American Dream in social life has only been understood since the French Revolution (1789-1799).

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The relationship between the citizen and the state gave rise to a new sense of self-respect for the first settlers. The Colonial society lacked the law, church, and free education for the first settlers. Instead, they were forced to implement several systems of control over the situation in the colonies.

Each of these systems requires the activity of representatives of the middle class in the implementation of which, in the selection of the middle class, there were no restrictions on social mobility, and high inequality existed in the country. The lower class provided the lower class with a variety of benefits. The working legislation enabled the middle class to firmly and effectively challenge the right of wealth.

There is an interesting argument regarding the influence of social equality on the economic inequality in the United States. The fact is that the lower class performs many of the functions which are provided by the state, including the functions of the official representatives. Despite the fact that the labor of the middle class is highly valued in the modern social processes, there are very few restrictions on economic inequality.

The one thing is always clear with the existence of the middle class is its ability to generate wealth only for itself. Having gained a dominant position in the class, the representatives of the middle class can’t use the wealth only for themselves. In order to ensure a sufficient level of the welfare for the middle class, measures must be taken both at the individual and societal levels.

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Despite the fact that the middle class is a “successful” social group, it is worth not considering it as an independent social group. The real status of the middle class is its position in the social hierarchy, although it’s certainly not an independent social category.